The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), was formed in 2004 as a way to promote real supermodified racing in the online sim racing world. SUPRS is a series unique in its vision and goals inasmuch as it is dedicated to bringing new fans into the sport of supermodified racing by providing realistic car design and racing formats.

SUPRS is committed to supporting all supermodified sanctioning bodies and tracks that they race at regularly. To this end, all of our car models in game, (depending on type of car depicted), carry the logos of current supermodified sanctions such as the California Supermodified Series, (CSS), Englewood Racing Association, (ERA), International Supermodified Association, (ISMA), and Midwest Supermodified Association, (MSA). We also support Madera, Star & Lee USA Speedways, and of course “The Home of the Supermodifieds” Oswego Speedway.

SUPRS is the sole administering body of the Dion Parish Memorial Benevolent Fund for Supermodifieds. Through cash donations, this fund is used to give back to the drivers, teams, tracks, and fans that support supermodified racing in times of need.

SUPRS will continue to use the online sim racing venue as a way to support the existing supermodified fraternity, while encouraging sim racers to become new fans, and helping them to better understand the cars, the tracks, the drivers and the people involved with the supermodified racing family.

More About SUPRS-

The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series  (SUPRS) was founded as a way to give back to supermodified drivers and teams in time of need in Dion’s memory.

We believe that family and friends are more important than winning races and strive to bring members a competitive league while encouraging each member to treat their fellow member as well as other people with Dignity, Class, and Respect.

SUPRS is the original online sim racing supermodified league. While many other leagues or sanctions may race supermodifieds, they also run many other forms of race cars. You won’t find any go-karts, dwarf cars, late models, dirt modifieds, or  off-road trucks here. While we may on occasion run NASCAR Tour type modifieds, our main focus has been, is, and always will be wing and non-wing supermodified racing. We feel that this is the only way we can truly help people from other forms of online racing understand what makes the real supermodified so special.

SUPRS also sponsors a race in Dion’s Memory at a yearly supermodified event. Generally held in Dion’s home state of Michigan, a driver is awarded the Dion Parish Memorial Perseverance Award that includes a plaque and cash donation.

Past winners include:

  • Mark Sammut
  • Jamie Letcher
  • Rich Reid
  • Jon Henes
  • Bobby Haynes Jr.
  • Gene Lee Gibson
  • Randy Burch
  • Jack Smith
  • Jim Paller

These drivers show all the ideals that Dion represented and the “Never Give Up” attitude he always displayed.


03s-ls-2Jon Henes 2005 Dion Parish Memorial Perseverance Award Winner Kalamazoo Speedwaydion07Randy Burch and Bob Gangwer Lorain County Speedway

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About Dion Parish

Dion Parish in supermodified at Berlin Raceway

Dion Parish is ready to race in this 1999 photo taken at Berlin Raceway.

Reprinted from MARC Times Racing News

By Bob Gangwer

Dion was lost to us on Saturday, September 14 2002 in a practice crash at Kalamazoo, (MI), Speedway. Dion was in the midst of shaking down his recently finished supermodified in preparation for the upcoming Midwestern Supermodified Association, (MSA), race at Sandusky, (OH), Speedway when the car suddenly and without warning went straight in turn two at Kalamazoo.

Dion had turned several slow laps on the fast 3/8 without any problems and was just getting the car up to speed when the crash happened. According to crew chief Dan Emmons, Dion had come out of turn four slightly higher than he had on previous laps. He accelerated normally down the front stretch and rolled out of the throttle entering turn one. As he accelerated entering turn two the car suddenly and inexplicably went straight and up the track. Dion left the track proper and hit the Kalamazoo Speedway Safety truck that was parked on the outer edge of the track just outside of turn two. It is believed that the impact with the safety vehicle killed Dion instantly.

Contrary to early reports the throttle on the car did not stick. “Dion clearly rolled out of the throttle going into one and then was accelerating through the apex of the corner when the car suddenly went straight,” said Emmons. At this point for all I know he could have blown a tire, but there¹s no way the throttle stuck and until I look at the car further I won’t know for sure what happened, if we ever do. Right now that’s the furthest thing from my mind.”

Dion’s passion was the supermodified division, which is known as “The Ultimate Short Track Race Car.” Reaching speeds as fast as Indy type cars on one-mile ovals, Dion knew the risks inherit with this type of oval racing, but was willing to take that risk to follow his dream. While working with a shoestring budget he had completely refurbished his new car and was looking forward to doing battle with the MSA regulars for the last two races of the season.

His friends will remember him as intense, driven, and dedicated to the division he loved so well. However, they will also remember him as a lighthearted jokester that always had a smile and was willing to lend a hand when a fellow competitor needed it.

His wife Julie and daughters Mindy & Lindsey, and son Kenny survive Dion.

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