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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series online racing league that will help jump start your way to a win.

If you have further questions, we have an extensive Help Guide and encourage you to read that for more information.

·  Do I have to make a donation to race in your league?

Through special races, the types of prizes awarded, and cash donations, SUPRS strives to give back to the drivers, teams, tracks, and fans that support supermodified racing. SUPRS will continue to use this venue as a way to encourage more new fans to partake in this great adventure called supermodified racing and to help them better understand the cars, the tracks, the drivers and the people involved with supermodified racing.

·  I sent in my donation, what should I do next?

  1. Register a name or nickname with our website by clicking “Register” in the sidebar of the site.
  2. Fill out the “Join” Form.
  3. Read our rules.
  4. You will receive a welcome letter with further instructions.

·  What numbers are available?

  • Whatever number you like! We prefer two digit numbers but will consider 3 digit numbers as well. You can see a list of racing numbers that are available for you to use by visiting the Current Driver Roster page.

·  How do I paint a car?

1. Download the template from the “Downloads” page.
2. Use a paint program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to paint it.
3. Request a paint job in the appropriate forum.

·  Where/Who do I send my paint to when I’m done?

  • Send all paints or have your painter send your paint scheme to the SUPRS email. In the subject line be sure to put ATTN: John Davidson Paint Update

·  How do I put my paint job into the game?

  • We’ll do it for you!  Just send all paint jobs to the SUPRS League Director John Davidson for the next mass paint update.

·  After winning a race against the computer AI my game crashes What can I do?

  • Delete the victory.res file within the SUPRS mod folder.

·  I keep trying to connect to the race server but I cant connect, What should I do?

  • Keep trying, it will eventually let you in. We recommend that you turn off your Anti-Virus software or allow NASCAR Heat to bypass any firewalls or virus software.
  • Sometimes more than 20 racers will be attempting to connect, in that case, the server is full, return to Team Speak for further instructions.
  • Sometimes the race server IP changes and the one you have listed in your game is not correct. Always look in Forum and/or our Facebook page for the latest info on the IP for race night.
  • It doesn’t happen often, but the server may not be functioning correctly. Sometimes this means it will have to be be rebooted. In this case notify a SUPRS Official.

·  Everyone is so fast and I’m off the pace, How can I improve my racing?

  • PRACTICE! Most of our members have been racing online for at least five years. Even though this is an old game, it certainly has it’s peculiarities. This game is like anything else in life, to get better, you have to practice, it’s as simple as that.
  • Adjust your wheel setting to suit your driving style. Concentrate on the Non-Linear Steering slider.
  • If you are running keyboard or game pad controls, it will be difficult for you to compete for a win.
  • Average time for a new driver to win is a race is currently around 20 races. Some win earlier or later than others.

·  I’m in the race server to practice by myself but it wont work, Why?

  • There must have 2 people in the server to race. At least one of you should know the commands to administer a session.

·  What mode do you race in?

  • Normal Mode

·  When I race offline the computer cars are slow and off the pace. How do I improve them?

(From Raybee at Mod Squad)

  • These mods are designed for online use. No thought was used to run these offline. There is a fix for it and its posted at the Mod Squad website….
  • You may have seen it before,but speeding the AI up and having them run your line too,is very easy.
  • You’ll want to be running in Expert or Hardcore mode (although Normal works,but doesn’t have the Garage option).
  • Simply go into “Test” through the Garage screen and be on the track by yourself.
  • Then run some good clean laps,staying away from the walls and going fast at the same time.Make sure you fully complete the laps.
  • Once you are satisfied with your lap,and you think it is a lap you’d like to have the AI to run,then exit out of the game and go into whichever mod’s folder you are using,and find it’s “ghostcar” folder.Inside this “ghostcar” folder,should be a new file named like “Daytona_simulation_best_ever.gcf”. (using Daytona as an example)
  • Just take and “copy” that to your mod’s main folder,then rename the .gcf file to “Daytona.gcf” (taking off the “_simulation_best_ever” part of it.
  • Then go into the same mod and try a race against the AI.They should be running more up to speed now and running the line you laid down for them.
  • You’ll have to do this with every mod.
  • The reason this is discussed alot,has to do with the tracks being made with certain mods…and not all tracks and mods are fully compatible with each other….until you do what I’ve just described above.

-What can I do to make my computer read for online racing?

Connection Tips:

  1. Turn off screen savers.
  2. Turn off Anti-virus and Zone Alarm type software.
  3. Allow Fire Wall to let NASCAR Heat to bypass.
  4. Use End-It-All, Game Booster or similar software to turn off  programs that you might not know are running in the background.
  5. Use AdaAware, Iobit Advance System Care, Spybot or similar software to remove malicious spyware.
  6. Defrag your hard drives at least once a month.
  7. Remove or move to a folder off the desktop all icons appearing on the desktop.
  8. Remove and/or turning off wall paper, Windows themes.
  9. Make sure you are running the latest drivers for your video card. Windows updates will also help. (hint: DriverBooster from is a good way to stay up to date).
  10. Clean the dust from inside your computer.
  11. Turn-off Auto-Update Features for Windows, Adobe, Java and/or all other like programs, (including Anti-Virus, iTunes, etc).

I get an error message often that says: “error : Panic: Out of Memory”. What should I do?

  • The SUPRS Mod is graphic intensive. Coupled with certain high detail tracks you might receive this error. Most car textures for NASCAR Heat use your computers video card memory. If you have an older system with a video card below 128mb, you may receive the memory error. We have found that the systems that receive this error typically are ones with onboard video.
  • The first step would be to try and update your video card drivers. (not covered in detail here)
  • The second step would be to purchase a new video card with 128mb or more. Prices fall well under $100.00 for such an investment.
  • Honestly, if you have a video card under 128mb ….you really shouldn’t even think about gaming in general.

·  I Can’t install NASCAR Heat on Windows Vista. What should I do?

  • Right click the autorun on the disc.
  • Select run as administrator.
  • For some reason it doesn’t happen a lot with other games, but that should fix the nheat installation.

·  Does nascar Heat have to be installed to the C: Drive?

(From Raybee at Mod Squad)

Yep….Unfortunately,Heat needs to be specifically installed onto C drive to work properly.

It will also install a file or two into C:WindowsTemp (heat.bin and heat.log).

See,the thing is,Heat old,and it was made before XP came out and before a lot of folks started using additional hard drives. By default,it wants to go to C drive.There’s really no way of getting around that.

Now…if you had a C drive on your PC where you could install it….then it’s possible to install a second copy on another drive (on the same computer of course)…and you can move mods and tracks over to the second drive and edit the shortcuts and stuff…but….it will still be reading some files from C drive (heat.bin,patch.bin..etc).

Unfortunately…that’s just the way it is for Heat.

NASCAR Heat is an old game. Will it run on Windows Vista, 7 and 8?

YES-Here’s how:

Step 1, download all of the files. I start with an empty folder named SUPRS on my desktop, inside that folder, I have 4 folders named Applications, Mods, Paints, and Tracks. This allows me to keep track of changes and updates from season to season. Below is a picture of these folders, and all of the installation programs.

Click Link:

  1. The first thing to install is NASCAR Heat Essentials. Unlike all of the other programs, this one does not allow you to choose where you install it. Microsoft Windows detects the program as 32 bit, and automatically installs it in C:/Program Files (x86)\Hasboro Interactive
  2. When you have installed that, copy that entire folder by browsing your computer, and paste it into the

Click Link:

  1. You may have to allow the installation of some files by choosing Run Anyway, and then confirming that it loaded correctly after install, but start with 1 mod, then its associated paint update and a track. I install the mods, then the paints, then Oswego and test however there is a way these need to be installed…

Click Link:

  1. Install all mods, paints and tracks to their default location, C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat…
  2. Then either copy the whole folder and paste it in the (x86) folder, or install each file individually in its location by adding the (x86) suffix. Ie. C:\Program Files (x86)\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat…..
  3. Next right click on the desktop icons, choose properties, add the (x86) suffix to the target, change the icons if desired, choose run as admin, or run as Windows XP in compatibility if needed. I have gotten them to run on my laptop however video is quite choppy, I may have to mess with video card settings, such as unchecking Anti-Aliasing or some such thing, but I have done a lap with all 3 mods on a Win 8 laptop, at Oswego.

Images linked above are also in Gallery below:

·  What patch does SUPRS use?

  • 1.80

·  The text on the website is too small. How can I make it larger?

  • If you have a mouse with a scrolling wheel, you can increase fonts by holding down the Ctrl key as you move the wheel. If you move the wheel away from you, the fonts decrease, toward you and they increase.
  • If you don’t have a mouse with a scroll wheel you can still quickly adjust the fonts on any webpage by holding the ‘Ctrl’ button while tapping the “+” or “-” keys.

·  I forgot my password for the site, can you tell me what it is?

  • The site admin does not have a list of everyone’s password.
  • The site admin can give you a new one. Request by emailing SUPRS.
  • The 2nd option is to register a new account with the site.
  • A note on passwords for this site and any site-ALWAYS use alpha-numeric passwords of at least 8 characters. You should also include symbols like + or #, etc. and always use upper AND lower case letters.
  • An even better way to protect yourself and this site is to use a ‘passphrase’ that uses the above suggestions but substitue numbers for letters. Something like: SuPR5*s74R may be familiar to you as SuPRs*sTAR or SUPRSSTAR. See the resemblance of the passphrase to what would be regular alpha characters spelling out words?

·  I get this error : “error: Panic: TaskResume: Task” What should I do?


Go here:
C:Program Files-Hasbro Interactive-NASCAR Heat
look for ‘NASCAR Heat.exe’ or NHeat.exe. If you have both, do what’s written below for both:

Right mouse click on the EXE, choose ‘Properties’, then switch to ‘Compatibility’ tab, check the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and choose Windows 2000. Click OK. All should be fine.

Another possible solution is that your screen name in the game is longer than 10 characters in length. In that case, change your name on the start-up screen to a name no more than 10 characters.

·  How do I reduce the number of cars lower than 16 when racing offline?

  • Assuming you know where your SUPRS folder is located within the Nascar Heat game ….you simply edit the options.cfg file using notepad in the SUPRS folder. Scroll down to “pack_size” and change the number to your liking.

Got more questions? We’ve got more answers and a great technical support team! Register for the website. Then Join SUPRS, and visit our Forum for more information.

When all else fails, or if you just want to reach out for more information or to chat, please Contact us HERE.


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