SUPRS rFactor Quick Start Guide

You would not expect a supermodified driver, or any other driver to attend a race without their helmet, Why should you be unprepared?” Rob Warren, #35 SUPRS member.

This SUPRS rFactor Quick Start guide is offered as a way to understand what we expect from all the racers that want to compete on the SUPRS rFactor Race Server and to help you be ready for a great night of racing with us here at SUPRS.

We want to be sure you are ready to go when it’s race night and we’re here to help all the way, but we want to remind everyone that we will NOT hold up an event because a participant is missing the correct software, files, or isn’t following SUPRS procedures. So make sure that if you have any questions, you contact us in the Forums or via email and/or our Social Media channels.

Much of this guide has information from the SUPRS Rulebook, found HERE, which will be referenced to a multitude of times in this document. We suggest that you read it.


Here are the a few of the most important points taken from the SUPRS Rulebook. We have a “Zero Tolerance” policy concerning these items:

Section 2.01 Foul Language

(a)    Foul language is not allowed with SUPRS. We pride ourselves on being family oriented. Foul language (via text or voice), in the SUPRS race server or TeamSpeak server, directed toward your fellow driver or SUPRS director will not be tolerated.

Section 2.02 Forbidden Items

(a)    Understand that we do NOT EVER allow:

          (i)    Sexually explicit text, graphics, or references on your car, avatar or profile.

         (ii)    Federally illegal drug, (including marijuana), text, graphics, or references on your car, avatar, or profile.

        (iii)    Text, graphics or references to gang related organizations including motorcycle and hot rod gangs.

       (iv)    Satanic or occult text, graphics, or references on your car, avatar, or profile.

        (v)    Text, graphics or references that are considered racial slurs or racially motivated or are references to known organizations that promote hate crimes. This includes but is not limited to: rebel flags, the KKK, Black Panthers, terrorist groups, extremist organizations etc.

Section 2.03 Race Night Chatter

We want everyone to have a great time at SUPRS on race night and we are all here to enjoy each others company, but we ask that participants remember that we are also here to conduct a race. That means that we are pretty strict about when and what channels participants can chat or talk in. Please read the SUPRS Rulebook to make sure you understand what we expect.


Participant Requirements

  • We require anyone that wants to race online on the SUPRS race server to register at the website and become a member by filling out the form on our JOIN PAGE
  • All membership donations are non-refundable and due annually according to your join date
  • Minimum age to join SUPRS is 16 years old
  • Members are required to read, understand and abide by all posted rules


Driver Names

  • As per the SUPRS Rulebook, ( Article III, Section 3.00),  all drivers competing on the SUPRS Race Server are required to use the SUPRS player name format of Number, First Name, Last Name:

IE 99 John Doe

The race night server admin app requires that we use this setting so that we can lift and/or add penalties quickly on race night. It also helps you look professional on our SUPRS Live Page and helps our fans, friends, and your fellow racers to know whom they are following on race night.

All drivers using the SUPRS TeamSpeak Server are required to use, at the minimum for their username, their racing number, first initial of first name, and last name.

I.E. 99JDoe, JDoe99, #99 John Doe, John Doe 99 are all acceptable in the SUPRS TeamSpeak3 Channel.

In other words, we like to know who we are speaking too and this helps to identify you to SUPRS admins and your fellow racers on race night. Obscure screen names that are recognizable only to your gaming clan, or circle won’t cut it with us. You’ll be asked once to make the proper changes, after that, you’ll be asked to leave.

You may be kicked from the SUPRS Race Server automatically if you do not follow this procedure.

Driver Numbers

  • As per the SUPRS Rulebook, (Article IV, Section 4.01), all drivers competing on the SUPRS Race Server are required to use the SUPRS registered number format.

Quick Chats

As per the SUPRS Rulebook, (Article V, Section 5.00), All drivers competing on the SUPRS Race Server are required to use specific quick chats on race night when exiting, and entering the pits, acknowledging that they have seen the white flag and the green will be coming out after a caution, acknowledging that they have been involved in an incident that has caused a caution, and to let the Race Director know that they have been assessed a penalty. Quick chat messages are configured on the same page as the controller settings… IE gas, Brake, Clutch, Steer Left etc…. Click the rectangular icon that says “Quick Chat”

We suggest setting the quick chats to a button on your steering wheel. The SUPRS required quick chats are:

  • QC 1- PIT OUT #25
  • QC 2-PIT IN #25
  • QC 3-White Flag
  • QC 4-PENALTY #25
  • QC 5-INCIDENT #25

You may be kicked from the SUPRS Race Server automatically if you do not follow this procedure.


SUPRS allows one skin per driver, per mod at this time. This helps keeps our mod size manageable and makes life easier on the guys putting the mods together. As the need arises we may allow up to two(2) skins per driver. We often have a paint update around mid-season of each schedule so that people can change their paint schemes if they see fit, or so we can add the cars of new members. We generally try to urge members to keep a paint scheme though an entire season because it makes things a whole lot simpler and helps all the racers know whom they are racing against.

Moving Forward

Now that we have made sure you understand some of our very basic rules, here are some tips.

Start with a clean, unlocked version of rFactor Version 1.255. This can be obtained from your cd that came with a Logitech wheel, however most are not the latest version. Also this is a trial version from rFactor and will need to be unlocked.

rFactor can also be downloaded here

When purchased, for $40.00 you will get an unlock code e-mailed to you. This code is good for up to 5 computers, so if members are willing to share their unlock codes, essentially up to 5 people will be able to get rFactor for the price of $8.00 each. SUPRS will not be responsible for providing lost product keys. SAVE YOUR E-MAIL from Trymedia Systems Inc.

Unlike NASCAR Heat, rFactor will install to the proper folder in Windows VISTA and Windows 7 and 8 computers. There is no need to install in both the C:Program files folders and the C:Program Files (x86) folders. Just note, some mods do not come ready for Windows 7 so if you install add-on mods, be certain that you specify the proper file path for your operating system. rFactor will install a Manual that should be read!!! All 80 pages.

We have used the SUPRS install program on multiple operating systems with no problems. XP, Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit systems tested.

Connecting to the SUPRS Race Server

The SUPRS Race Server is NOT on 24/7 and is password protected for the safety of our members.

Sanctioned practice will be provided and you will have plenty of time to get hot laps in. If you would like to practice at other times, you can do so offline. We suggest that you turn off all driving aids as we do not allow them in the SUPRS Race Server except auto-clutch.

To find the server, it’s generally easiest to list the servers by race series. First click the connect icon, then the join button. Click on “Race Servers” so that it lists them in alphabetical order, Reverse alphabetical order will make it somewhat easier to find our server. Scroll down the list until you see SUPRS non-wing. You may have to use the green refresh icon several times for it to show up.

Another way to find the SUPRS Race Server is to click the blue “+” sign and type in our server url. Follow the online prompts then enter the server password.

Entering the Track

rFactor provides time for practice, qualifying, warm ups and races. Procedures for practice and warm ups are the same using an open track with a hot pit. This means that when you arrive in the server for practice, practice will begin. Pit road speed is 50 MPH and if you speed, credits will be deducted. At the end of pit road is a caution light, if it is red and you proceed onto the track, credits will be deducted. If it is yellow, it means that another car is coming on the track, proceed with caution. We ask all racers to enter the track as low as possible through turn 3 and 4 and remain low on the front straightaway until you can safely merge with traffic on the backstretch. You will notice that contact with other cars and walls will greatly decrease the performance of your car. Use extreme caution when making passes.

Time Trials

On nights where the format calls for qualifying, the SUPRS Race Server is set to allow 4 laps for qualifying. One lap to get the car up to speed, 2 laps timed, and a lap to return to your pit. If you exceed the number of laps, you are disqualified and will start at the rear of the field.

Heat Race

Races will be lined up according to race night format. When prompted by the race director, drivers will join their scheduled heat race. You will have 30 seconds to click “GO RACE” and the game will put you on the starting grid in your starting position. See below for further notes.


Race procedures and lineups will remain the same as per the rulebook however the administrators will set the lineup prior to the race. When prompted, the game should say “Drivers to their cars.” You will have 30 seconds to click “GO RACE.”  and the game will put you on the starting grid in your position behind the pace car. WAIT for the cars to line up and the pace car will bring the field to the track for the rolling start. Be mindful that you will need to shift into gear when the countdown clock reaches zero and a notice will come up to stay behind the car in front of you. We ask that all racers remain patient and let the car in front of you roll out.

You will be responsible for maintaining a pace speed that keeps you nose to tail and side by side in a good starting line-up formation.

There shall be no lagging behind or scuffing tires on the formation lap.

SUPRS reserves the right to assess penalties to any driver that attempts to compete in a race that he is not scheduled to run.


As stated above, all drivers competing on the SUPRS Race Server must follow the proper “player name” format. The admin app requires this setting so that we can lift and/or add penalties on race night.

If/When you receive a penalty, do what is displayed on the screen, for instance, if you receive end of the longest line penalty, drop to the back of the pack. If you receive a stop and go penalty, use your QuickChat #4 to let the admins know you have received a penalty by the game otherwise you will get another penalty. The SUPRS Race Director reserves the right to remove penalties.

We follow the 2 Spin Rule where you are allowed to spin and/or cause a caution twice during any race. This includes heats, consi, B-main and feature. We require the use of QuickChat #5 aka “Incident” to claim a caution. If nobody claims a caution, we will refer to the rFactor incident file to decide who caused an incident which can also be seen on the SUPRS Results pages.

Post Race

The top 3 finishers as well as 1 random driver will be submitted for inspection. Immediately after the race you must share your setup. Click the computer icon on the lower left corner of the main multi-player screen, between the vote no and vote yes buttons, then click share setup. This will send the garage setup to the received folder for all drivers. Members are encouraged to go to their received folder, click load to load the setup then go to the track folder of the particular track we are racing that night and save the received setups. This will allow all drivers to try multiple setups and get a better feel for the game.

Most Important

If you click Start, Programs, rFactor, there is a ReadMe file. Open that, there is a lot of information there. From setting up your controls, to the keyboard shortcuts to a rough overview of car setup. We highly suggest reading it and probably taking some notes on the setup information.When in doubt about any of SUPRS formats, procedures or rules, READ THE RULEBOOK!


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