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SUPRS North Carolina Swing Presents Challenge to Sim Racers

October 15, 2017 – Goshen, IN…This week the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), heads to the Tarheel State for the 14th Annual North Carolina Swing. This annual tour features five different tracks in three nights of racing all based in North Carolina, uses two different sim racing platforms, and is the toughest multi-race swing on the SUPRS schedule.

SUPRS 2017 North Carolina Swing poster by BreezeGraphics.com

Swing by BreezeGraphics.com for great looking marketing materials like this North Carolina Swing poster.

The series kicks off Tuesday, October 17 at Dasera Speedway and Caraway Speedway. Both are NASCAR Heat based tracks and both will be 40 lap feature races. Then on Wednesday the racers switch to their rFactor supermodifieds for 50 lap features at Southern National Motorsports Park and Concord Motorsports Park.

Racing for an Invite

Those first four races act as qualifiers for the last night of racing at Hickory Motor Speedway on Thursday, October 19. The top eight drivers in North Carolina Swing points get invited to the “Hickory Hustle” where the winner of  the challenging 75 lap feature becomes the North Carolina Swing Champion. A blind draw for starting place and intense, close quarters racing within the tight confines of Hickory Motor Speedway is just one more reason the North Carolina Swing Championship is one of the most sought after for the SUPRS drivers.

Big Points on the Line

As the supermodified sim racers work for an invitation to the Hickory Hustle, they’ll also gain precious early season points in the Gold Crest Wing Supermodified Championship XIV. The big prize on Thursday, if they make it, is a 20 point bonus that goes to the winner of the coveted North Carolina Swing Championship Crown.

Perseverance Pays Off for Callahan

Steve Callahan is the defending North Carolina Swing Champion and has one of the best finishing records in the history of The Hickory Hustle. Yet until last year he was never been able to win the race or the North Carolina Swing Championship. He finally pulled it off for one of the biggest wins of his SUPRS career becoming the tenth different driver to claim the NC Swing.

Callahan is one of only two Ohio drivers to win the North Carolina Swing in a series that where New York residents have dominated. The Cuyahoga Falls resident joined fellow Buckeye Chris Meyers who won the NC Swing in 2011-12.

“Rocket” Rob Domination on Night 2

Defending SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Supermodified Champion, Rob Warren, was in a similar situation to what Callahan had experienced until he claimed the North Carolina Swing Championship in the 2015-16 season. Warren has dominated the second night of the North Carolina Swing three out of the last four seasons  and last year was also the fourth year in a row that he has won at Concord.

In fact, Warren has been so dominate at the high-banked asphalt tri-oval that out of a possible 250 SUPRS feature laps run, Warren has led 222 of them. However, the Pulaski, NY racer would give up every one of those Concord laps led to lead just the last one of the Hickory Hustle and claim his second North Carolina Swing Crown.

Nobody Tops Maxon

Just one driver has ever won the North Carolina Swing Championship more than once. “Mighty” Myles Maxon leads the pack with three NC Swing crowns and two of those came back to back in 2009 and 2010.

Of the current crop of SUPRS racers, the aforementioned Callahan and Warren are among the favorites to join Maxon, but 2013-14 Champion Bob Gangwer, 2012-13 Champion Carl Becker and 2008 Champion Gary Waldron all have a shot as well.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the SUPRS North Carolina Swing History

Fans Can Follow the Festivities

Fans can follow the fun and excitement of the 14th Annual North Carolina Swing on night two and three of the festivities. The  SUPRS LIVE! Timing and Scoring page keeps fans abreast of the action showing live streaming video, instantaneous position changes, lap times, penalties, race status and track telemetry.

The SUPRS LIVE! scrolling ticker allows fans to browse SUPRS.net while they keep their eye on the racing action. And if they can’t make it to SUPRS.net for the live action, they can always catch up with the SUPRS rFactor Results page showing every race of the season in complete detail.

Be Social with SUPRS

Supermodified racing fans and sim racers alike can learn more about the original online supermodified sim racing sanction when they visit www.SUPRS.net.

The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series is very active on social media where fans can  “Like” SUPRS on Facebook, Circle SUPRS on Google+Follow @SUPRSOnline on Twitter, See SUPRS on Instagram,  and View over 370 real supermodified racing videos on  SUPRS  YouTube.

SUPRS – “Supermodified Sim Racing for the Right Reasons” since 2004

 SUPRS North Carolina Swing History-

  • 2005 North Carolina Swing Champion: JP Curry-PA
  • 2006 North Carolina Swing Champion: Sean O’Kane-NY
  • 2007 North Carolina Swing Champion: Mike Jackson-NY
  • 2008 North Carolina Swing Champion: Gary Waldron-MI
  • 2009 North Carolina Swing Champion: Myles Maxon-NY
  • 2009-10 North Carolina Swing Champion: Myles Maxon-NY
  • 2010-11 North Carolina Swing Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.-NY
  • 2011-12 North Carolina Swing Champion: Chris Meyers-OH
  • 2012-13 North Carolina Swing Champion: Carl Becker-MI
  • 2013-14 North Carolina Swing Champion: Bob Gangwer-IN
  • 2014-15 North Carolina Swing Champion: Myles Maxon-NY
  • 2015-16 North Carolina Swing Champion: Rob Warren-NY
  • 2016-17 North Carolina Swing Champion: Steve Callahan-OH




SUPRS Harvest of Speed Signals Start of New Season

SUPRS 14th Year of Racing Starts with Harvest of Speed at LaPorte Speedway

October 3, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), fourteenth season kicks off October 10 with the running of the Harvest of Speed at LaPorte Speedway.

SUPRS 2017 Harvest of Speed poster

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The fictional, tight 3/8th mile track in Northern Indiana has been a mainstay on the SUPRS schedule since the beginning of the supermodified sim racing sanctioning body. During the formative years of SUPRS, LaPorte was one of the few tracks available to the fledgling sanction. 

Winning at LaPorte a Tough Nut to Crack

A scant few drivers have ever won a SUPRS sanctioned race at LaPorte Speedway. Many of the 13 different drivers that have managed to see the checkered flag first at LaPorte have never won a second race there. Of those 13, just seven have won the Harvest of Speed, proving that a win here is hard to come by.

Maxon, Davidson, Sand Stand Out

In the history of SUPRS racing at this track, which dates back to 2004, Myles Maxon and John Davidson have more total wins at LaPorte than any other driver. Maxon’s four Harvest of Speed victories at LaPorte make up the bulk of his seven total wins here . Three of those wins came in a row from 2007-2009. Davidson did something no other driver has even come close to. He had an incredible run of eight straight checkered flags at LaPorte from February 2005 to April 2006. One of those wins was the 2005 Harvest of Speed.

Ray Sand, Jr. is third on the All-Time SUPRS LaPorte Speedway win list with six. Two of his wins there include his 2011 and 2013 Harvest of Speed victories.

SUPRS 2016 Harvest of Speed Bob Gangwer in Victory Lane

Bob Gangwer won the SUPRS Harvest of Speed after 13 years of trying. (Screenshot by BreezeGraphics.com)

Gangwer Defending Harvest Winner

Last year Bob Gangwer joined Davidson, Maxon and Sand, Jr. along with Sean O’Kane, Gary Waldron and Chris Meyers as a Harvest of Speed winner. It was Gangwer’s first LaPorte win after 13 years of trying after he capitalized on a mistake by early race leader Rob Warren. Joe Achzet and Keith Powell finished up on the podium for two of their best LaPorte finishes.


From the first Harvest of Speed, the event has always used the NASCAR Heat sim racing platform. Through the years different versions of the game have seen action, with the first being the Mike Jackson built “PSTM” mod. Using NASCAR Heat to start the season is a tradition continues this year as the racers look for a bountiful start to the season.

Old School Originality

The ‘in-house’ SUPRS W v6.0 mod built by Quesnell Designs was originally released in 2010. The unique and original mod was the first in the sim racing world not only to feature multiple supermodified chassis in one game, but also articulating top wings. The mod, which is now considered very old, continues to offer many memorable races just like its done throughout its long use.

Harvest Part of Indyana Supermod Challenge

Yoder's Popcorn sampler basket

The Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion gets some good eating from Yoder’s Popcorn. (web photo via www.YoderPopcorn.com)

This year’s Harvest of Speed is a part of the Indyana Supermod Challenge, (ISC), a multi-race, season-long regional tour that also includes races at Salem Speedway and Indianapolis Raceway Park. 

Something that makes this championship within a championship a very hard one to win, is that racers have to be good in both wing and non-wing supermodifieds. Plus, the tour is a mix of both the NASCAR Heat and rFactor gaming platforms.

Special Award for 2018 ISC Champ

The overall Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion gets 10 SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship bonus points, which in and of itself is something special. Even better, the 2018 Indyana Supermod Challenge champion receives a special gift basket filled with Yoder’s Indiana Popcorn, popping oils and even buttery salt!

Circle the Date

SUPRS 14th consecutive season of supermodified sim racing begins with the Harvest of Speed at LaPorte Speedway on October 10, 2017. Practice begins at 8:15pm, with the Drivers Meeting taking place at 8:30. Time Trials follow at 8:45pm and Racing begins with the Fast Car Dash at 9:00pm.

Learn More

Online sim racers, gamers, and supermodified racing fans can all learn more about the original supermodified sim racing sanction by visiting www.SUPRS.net“Liking” SUPRS on Facebook, Circling SUPRS on Google+Following @SUPRSOnline on Twitter, and Viewing SUPRS videos on YouTube. We’re also on Instagram @suprs_online, and don’t forget to check out our live streaming video at select races throughout the season via our SUPRS LIVE! page and Twitch.

SUPRS – “Supermodified Sim Racing for the Right Reasons” since 2004

Harvest of Speed Season Opener- Wing – LaPorte Speedway

  • 2004 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: N/A
  • 2005 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: John Davidson
  • 2006 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Sean O’Kane
  • 2007 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Myles Maxon
  • 2008 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Myles Maxon
  • 2009 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Myles Maxon
  • 2010 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Gary Waldron
  • 2011 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2012 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Chris Meyers
  • 2013 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2014 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Myles Maxon
  • 2015 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2016 Harvest of Speed Season Opener Winner: Bob Gangwer




Thrilling Week of Supermodified Sim Racing Culminates with TOPLESS! 200 

August 17, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), brings its 13th summer season to a close with a thrilling week of supermodified sim racing that cuminates with the 13th Annual Topless! 200.

The week starts off with the last “Regular 45” on Monday August 21. Billed as the Finale’ 45, this race uses the popular and simple format employed by SUPRS simce 2004. Drivers are handicapped by the amount of points they have accumulated in the last three SUPRS shows, then must race their way into a feature qualifing position in the 10 lap heat races.

On Tuesday, the racers strap on the wing for the last Empire State Super Series regional show of the season. 

Then on Wednesday August 23 the excitement really begins to build as the drivers switch their focus to the 13th Annual Topless! 200.  While everyone will have a shot at the pole position only the top two qualifiers will be locked into the marquee event of the 2017 Gold Crest Non-Wing Supermodified Championship.

Finally, on Thursday August 24, the excitement of the week builds to it’s full crescendo the with the running of the 13th Annual Topless! 200 at Oswego Speedway. After the field is filled through qualifying heat races, the racers strap in for 200 laps where strategy as much as speed become the key to a win in this always eventful race.

You can catch all the excitement, thrills and action all week long with SUPRS Live! where everyone can view timing, scoring, teack telemetry and streaming video. You’ll be able to keep up with your favorite SUPRS racer in an instant by going to www.SUPRS.net/site/live.

Fans can learn more about the original and oldest online supermodified sim sanction, the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, when they visit www.SUPRS.net. Join SUPRS active and vibrant Social Media channels by  “Liking” SUPRS on Facebook, Circling SUPRS on Google+, Following @SUPRSOnline on Twitter, and viewing SUPRS videos on YouTube.

It all comes down to this race and it’s sure to be a barn burner packed with action and suspense. Don’t miss it!

 Topless! 200 – Non Wing – A SUPRS Triple Crown Race – Jennerstown/Oswego Speedways

  • 2005 Topless! 200 Champion-Jennerstown Speedway: John Davidson
  • 2006 Topless! 200 Champion-Jennerstown Speedway: John Davidson
  • 2007 Topless! 200 Champion-Jennerstown Speedway: Myles Maxon
  • 2008 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Jamie Hartley
  • 2009 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway:JR Radcliff
  • 2010 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Dave Biro III
  • 2011 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2012 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2013 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2014 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Myles Maxon
  • 2015 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Chris Meyers
  • 2016 Topless! 200 Champion-Oswego Speedway: Rob Warren

The Whistler Supermodified Sim Race Honors Pete Trenca

August 11, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), moves one race closer to the end of their summer non-wing supermodified season with the 13th Annual “The Whistler 60” Pete Trenca Memorial August 15 at Oswego Speedway.

SUPRS The Whistler 60 Pete Trenca Memorial Poster

BreezeGraphics.com is your go-to source for promotional items like this poster that honor the past while promoting the present.

The race honors Peter “Program” Trenca who was a fixture at the Oswego Speedway selling programs for over five decades before his passing in 2004. Trenca was also an integral founding member of The Eagles Fan Club at Oswego Speedway and could always be counted on for lifting the spirits of every fan that passed through the gates of “The Home of the Supermodifieds” with his distinctive whistle and cheerful welcome.

Keith Powell of Geneva, OH will attempt to win an unprecedented third straight “The Whistler” in his C.P.R. Motorsports “Mayfield Missle” supermodified. Powell is currently in second place in the Gold Crest Non-Wing Supermodified Championship and is fighting to hang on with just three races left in the season.

Watch, Listen, Enjoy

Be a part of the worldwide audience for the “The Whistler” with  SUPRS LIVE!  Follow your favorite SUPRS driver all night long with live video, track telemetry and scoring and timing.

For fans that have a Twitch.tv account, the SUPRS Chat is a great place to make new friends, talk sim racing, or real supermodified racing and enjoy the broadcast all on one page. Join the crowd when SUPRS goes “LIVE @ 9” with racing and the broadcast.

Don’t Miss This Race

Mark August 15, 2017 on your calendar and get ready to join SUPRS as they honor Peter “Program” Trenca. The drivers hit the track at 8:30pm for Hot Laps and then take part in the mandatory Drivers Meeting at 8:45pm. Racing starts at 9:00pm with two 10 lap Heat Races followed by the 45 lap Feature.

Supermodified racing fans and online sim racers alike can learn more about the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series by visiting www.SUPRS.net“Liking” SUPRS on Facebook, Circling SUPRS on Google+Following @SUPRSOnline on Twitter, and Viewing SUPRS videos on YouTube.

“The Whistler” Pete Trenca Memorial History

  • 2005 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Sean Gibbs
  • 2006 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Kris Heveron
  • 2007 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2008 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: John Davidson
  • 2009 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: JR Radcliff
  • 2010 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Dave Biro III
  • 2011 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Carl Becker
  • 2012 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Domenic Gioia
  • 2013 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Rob Warren
  • 2014 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Chris Meyers
  • 2015 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Keith Powell
  • 2016 Pete Trenca Memorial Champion: Keith Powell
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