Christmas Time, Break Time for SUPRS

The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), believes that Christmas time is a great time to take a break from supermodified sim racing. It’s a special time of year, and one where we can show others that, while our virtual family is important, our real families should be the focus of the season. So we’re putting supermodified sim racing on hold for a couple of weeks.

SUPRS Merry Christmas social 2015

We’re Taking a Break, So Should You

We want to remind all of our SUPRS Members, fans, friends, and family that our annual 2-week Christmas Break begins at the close of business on December 15, 2017 and lasts until Monday January 1, 2018. We feel this time away from sim racing is important and hope that our members have plenty of time to travel and spend time with family.

Since the beginning of SUPRS in 2004, we have stressed the importance of family and we believe that focusing on that is more important than #simracing. and it’s what sets us apart from other leagues or sanctions. SUPRS urges all of members, friends, fans, & followers to take this time to disconnect from racing on the web, put down their cell phones, and shut off the internet to focus on the important things in life.

Join Forms

Interested sim racers can still send their Membership Join Forms, but we want everyone to be aware that they won’t be processed until we are back in the office after the New Year on January 2, 2018.

General Emails and Press Releases

We will continue to watch our email for time sensitive press releases from supermodified sanctions, tracks, and teams to decide if any are of a time sensitive nature. General email processing is on hold until January 2, 2018.

PR representatives should contact us via our Contact Page if they have something very important that needs to go out immediately on, otherwise we will consider it bulk mail and get it put up as soon as possible upon our return to business.

Going Crazy

After the first of the year, it’s time to get ready for the 14th Annual Crazy Canuck Snowball Derby at Mosport Speedway, so we’ll fire up the SUPRS Race and TeamSpeak servers at 8:00 am on January 2, 2018. SUPRS Members can plan on an extended Systems Check prior to the race beginning at 6:00pm. Race times remain the same and can be found on our Schedule Page.

Merry Christmas to All

Thank you to  all the SUPRS Members, sponsors, friends, fans, and followers that supported SUPRS in 2017. We appreciate your passion for sim racing and more importantly REAL supermodified racing.

We want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas season filled with peace, love, health and happiness. May every joy and blessing be yours at Christmas time and throughout the New Year.

Make a Note:

5:00pm est, December 15, 2017 to 8:00am est Tuesday January 2, 2018

  • No Races, No Sunday Night Test-N-Tune, No Thursday A/B Testing
  • SUPRS Race Servers, SUPRS TeamSpeak Servers shutdown.
  • Membership Join Form processing and general replies to emails will be put on hold.
  • Social Media,, and SUPRS Weekly updates on hold.

8:00am est, Tuesday January 2, 2018

  • Back in office. Social Media, updates resume.
  • Membership Join Forms Processing resumes.
  • SUPRS Weekly mailed.

6:00pm est, Tuesday January 2 2018:

  • SUPRS Race Servers, SUPRS TeamSpeak Servers re-opened
  • SUPRS Sunday Night Test-N-Tune, Thursday A/B Testing & NASCAR Heat Race servers re-opened

8:00pm est, Tuesday January 2, 2018:

14th Annual
Crazy Canuck Snowball Derby

and Can-Am Challenge

January 2, 2017
SUPRS Mosport Speedway
50 Lap Wing Supermodified Sim Race

  • Practice: 8:00pm
  • Driver’s Meeting: 8:15pm
  • Time Trials: 8:30pm
  • Racing: 9:00pm


“Supermodified Sim Racing for the Right Reasons” since 2004


Christmas Special for SUPRS

December 10, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), tradition of ending the year with their Christmas Special continues on December 12, 2017. For the second year in a row the race takes place at a new venue and for the first time, it’s part of the Empire State Super Series tour.

SUPRS 2017 Christmas Special poster by

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First Time at Airborne

Airborne Speedway is the site of the action on Tuesday and is the first time that SUPRS has raced at this Plattsburgh, NY track. Airborne hosted the International Supermodified Association several times, so it’s not so unusual to be racing virtual supermodifieds there. Also, because it’s a New York track, this race kicks off the 2017-18 Empire State Super Series and is the first of an expanded five race schedule for the regional tour championship.

Tricky and Technical

Getting around Airborne Speedway smoothly has proven to be a challenge for the SUPRS racers during pre-race testing. With flat, tight corners that cap the drag strip straights, the track is certainly one of the more technical that the sim racers visit this season.

They have found that braking is just as important as mashing the throttle. If a driver wants to win, he’ll need all of his skills to negotiate the tricky turns using precise braking, steering, and throttle control throughout the quick 25 lap sprint.

On Dancer, On Prancer

The six lap Reindeer Dash sets the starting positions for the Fast 4 qualifiers based on their finish.

Everyone else will go to heat races to be lined up based on their season won points handicaps. The way they finish the heat race is the way they will start the 25 lap feature behind the Reindeer Dash drivers.

Christmas Gift for Winner

Whomever takes the checkered flag first on Tuesday, he’ll take home a Burgers’ Smokehouse Christmas Ham for his accomplishment.

Burgers' Smokehouse hamThe fine folks at Burgers’ Ozark Country Hams have been providing simple traditions since 1952 when they built their first “ham house” on their farm in Missouri.

With complete attention to quality and customer service, this family owned company continues to do things the old-fashioned way taking great care in the time-honored traditions of curing, aging, and smoking superior quality products.

Christmas Countdown

The SUPRS Christmas Special takes place December 12, 2017 beginning with practice which starts at 8:15pm. Qualifying follows at 8:45pm and Racing gets underway at 9:00pm with the Reindeer Dash.

Our Present to You

SUPRS LIVE! is our gift to all of our fans and friends. You can you track your favorite SUPRS racer with timing, scoring, instant track telemetry, and live streaming video via the SUPRS LIVE! page.

Keep Up to Date

Stay in the loop with the SUPRS schedule page.  Regular season updates as well as real supermodified and sim racing news are popular features on the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series Facebook page and Twitter @SUPRSOnline. We’re also on Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Twitch.

SUPRS Christmas Special History:

Year Winner Track Laps
2004 Chris Nicastro Derry Raceway Park 25
2005 Sean O’Kane Bracket Hill Raceway 25
2006 Kris Heveron Bracket Hill Raceway 25
2007 Tom Heveron Bracket Hill Raceway 25
2008 Ray Sand, Jr. Bracket Hill Raceway 50
2009 Dave Biro III Bracket Hill Raceway 25
2010 Steve Callahan Bracket Hill Raceway 50
2011 John Davidson Bracket Hill Raceway 50
2012 Bobby Gangwer Bracket Hill Raceway 50
2013 Gary Waldron Bracket Hill Raceway 25
2014 Rob Warren Bracket Hill Raceway 25
2015 Rob Warren Bracket Hill Raceway 25
2016 Rob Warren Mopar Speedway (rF) 25



SUPRS Back at Kalamazoo for Dion Parish Memorial

Second Year in a Row for Prestigious Dion Parish Memorial at Kalamazoo Speedway

December 1, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), is back at their Great Lakes region home-base for the Dion Parish Memorial at Kalamazoo Speedway for the second year in a row.

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Never Give Up

Dion Parish at speed for ISMA race at Berlin Raceway

A different paint job graced the Dion Parish supermodified during the Berlin Raceway ISMA show in 2001.

This race honors the late Dion Parish. Dion was a supermodified racer that lost his life in a testing accident at Kalamazoo Speedway in 2002 while preparing for a late season event at Sandusky Speedway.  His dedication to the supermodified division and “Never Give Up” attitude was the inspiration for the founding of the SUPRS league and is a constant reminder to all members that there are more important things in life than winning races.

Only Two Have Multiple Wins

In the first 13 years of the prestigious race, just two SUPRS drivers have won it more than once. Nine-time SUPRS Gold Crest Champion Ray Sand, Jr. of Rochester, NY was the first to do it and also the only driver to win the race back to back. His two wins came in 2006 and 2007.

2008 and 2014 were the lucky years for the only other driver to succeed in claiming more than one Dion Parish Memorial win-Chris Meyers.

Five Others Could Join Multiple Winner Club

Hoping to join Sand, Jr. and Meyers as multi-time winners of the race are four of the drivers currently holding the top five places in the SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship standings.

These include 2015 winner Rob Warren, 2011 victor Steve Callahan, his teammate and 2010 winner Keith Powell, and the very first winner of the race in 2004, Bob Gangwer.

2012 winner Carl Becker of Lansing, MI, also has a shot. Up until two races ago, the SUPRS veteran also sat in the top five in points. Becker’s second win would be something special as he knew Dion Parish and his family well.  Becker also spent many years working on race cars that raced at Kalamazoo Speedway in his home state.

Bonuses Add Extra Layer of Intrigue

This race in particular has always been one that the drivers want add to the their win list. Adding to that goal is that there is a Guaranteed Starter award on the line for the season ending Summit Classic 125. The supermodified sim racers from around the country also know that starting near the back of the field for the 62 lap feature isn’t as bad as it may seem because of the SUPRSCharger bonus for the driver that advances the most places from his starting spot.

Recent Trend Mean Another New Winner

After a successful four-race swing through Tennessee that saw four different drivers win, there may very possibly be another first time winner of this race. With new equipment at his disposal, Dave Brigandi of Syracuse, NY came to life at the Wing Side Up Twin 25s posting his first top five finish in over a year and could claim his biggest win ever as a first time Dion Parish Memorial champion.

Third year SUPRS driver Kyle “The Cobra” Clark sits fifth in the SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Supermodified Championship and most recently won at Memphis Motorsports Park in the 13th Annual Turkey Shoot. Clark posted a seventh place finish last year in his first Dion Parish Memorial, but has shown vast improvement in his race craft since then and is rarely out of contention for a win.

Come Hang Out at Kazoo

The SUPRS racers invade Kalamazoo Speedway for the second year in a row on December 5, 2017. A 15 minute practice session starts at 8:00pm with Time Trials to follow at 8:30pm. Racing gets underway at 9:00pm and everyone is welcome to be a part of the action.

Cheer on your favorite SUPRS racers while you view timing, scoring, instant track telemetry and of course our outstanding live streaming video from the 14th Annual Dion Parish Memorial via the SUPRS LIVE! page.

Get Social with SUPRS

You can learn more about this race on the SUPRS schedule page.  Regular season updates as well as real supermodified and sim racing news are popular features on the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series Facebook page and @SUPRSOnline.

Dion Parish Memorial 62-Wing-State Fair/Rander Speedways/Kalamazoo Speedway

  • 2004 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-State Fair Speedway: Bobby Gangwer
  • 2005 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-State Fair Speedway: Sean O’Kane
  • 2006 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2007 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2008 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Chris Meyers
  • 2009 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: John Davidson
  • 2010 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Keith Powell
  • 2011 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Steve Callahan
  • 2012 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Carl Becker
  • 2013 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2014 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Chris Meyers
  • 2015 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Rander Speedway: Rob Warren
  • 2016 Dion Parish Memorial Champion-Kalamazoo Speedway: Domenic Gioia

SUPRS Resumes Racing with Wing Side Up Twin 25s

After Thanksgiving Break, SUPRS Racers Ready for Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway

November 27 – Goshen, IN…After taking time to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family, the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), will double the action and double the fun November 28 with Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Wing Side Up Twin 25s poster by

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Two Classes, Plenty of Excitement

The racers strap into their wing supermodifieds for Time Trials and Heat Races for first Twin 25 lap feature. Then they hop into their non-wing supermodifieds, line up in a random start, and go hammer down for the second Twin 25 to see who is the best on the Bristol Banks.

This format also includes, the SUPRSCharger and SUPRSChallenge awards, making it one of the most scintillating supermodified sim races you can find!

Big, Bodacious Action LIVE

Fans and friends can hang out while enjoying SUPRS LIVE! Featuring Live Timing, Scoring, Track Telemetry and Streaming Video, it’s the perfect place to cheer on your favorite SUPRS racer. Visit

Wing Side Up Twin 25s History

  • 2004-Gary Waldron
  • 2005-John Davidson/Bob Gangwer
  • 2006-Kris Heveron/Myles Maxon
  • 2007-Doug Heveron/Doug Heveron
  • 2008-Jamie Hartley/Myles Maxon
  • 2009-Keith Powell/John Davidson
  • 2010-John Davidson/Rob Warren
  • 2011-Chris Meyers/Domenic Gioia
  • 2012-John Davidson/John Davidson
  • 2013-Rob Warren/Bob Gangwer
  • 2014-Steve Callahan/Myles Maxon
  • 2015-Rob Warren/Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2016-Joe Achzet/Rob Warren

View Format for the 14th Annual Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway on the Schedule Page.

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