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The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series or SUPRS was formed in 2004 as a way to promote real supermodified racing in the online sim racing world. After a while though we saw a real need to do something different. We didn’t want to be just another online racing league with members that would come and go, fight and argue or treat each other with disrespect.

We determined to do whatever we could to give back to the community that we were involved in and use our platform to help where it was needed.

After much thought we decided that we would institute a ‘donate to play’ policy and use the donations for a higher cause.

SUPRS is the sole administrating body of the Dion Parish Memorial Benevolent Fund for Supermodifieds. Through cash donations, this fund is used to give back to the drivers, teams, tracks, and fans that support supermodified racing in times of need. As unfortunate as it is, many supermodified racers don’t have insurance beyond what is available on race day at the track. This insurance is generally secondary to any insurance a race may have and will only be available when the primary insurance has been exhausted.

Too many times we have seen racers and their families fall on hard times after a supermodified crash. A simple ambulance ride from the track to the hospital for a minor injury can run into the thousands of dollars, and we need not explain that a more severe injury that requires an overnight stay and extended rehabilitation will cost much more.

That’s why any cash/credit donation  to the Dion Parish Memorial Benevolent Fund for Supermodifieds is money well spent if you are even a casual fan of the supermodified division.

SUPRS is an online racing series unique in its vision and goals inasmuch as it is dedicated to bringing new fans into the sport of supermodified racing by providing realistic car design and racing formats. While the racing is fun, it’s more of a means to an end to help us give back when people need it most.

Through cash donations, SUPRS strives to give back to the drivers, teams, tracks, and fans that support supermodified racing. SUPRS will continue to use this venue as a way to encourage more new fans to partake in this great adventure called supermodifieds and to help them better understand the cars, the tracks, the drivers and the people involved with supermodified racing while we work to support those in need.

We have several ways that you can help us to continue to live by our motto of “Supermodified Sim Racing for the Right Reasons.”

Support by Donating-

Please click the PayPal icon below to make a donation of any size to help SUPRS continue their mission of helping those in need.

Support by Becoming a SUPRS Race Sponsor-

We make it easy to promote your product or service to our members and the supermodified community.

For races up to 50 laps in length the cost is only $1.00 a lap. (ie …$50.00 for 50 laps)
To sponsor a race 51 laps or more the price is $2.00 a lap. (ie …$200.00 for 100 laps)

Please note race sponsorship monies go to the SUPRS General Fund and unless specified do not go towards the Dion Parish Memorial Benevolent Fund for Supermodifieds.

 Support by Becoming a League Member-

SUPRS has several membership donation levels available. Whether you want to race with us or not, membership has it’s privileges:

Gold Crest Division

  1. $25.00 donation
  2. All Access pass to everything SUPRS has to offer
  3. Weekly and Championship Awards, Prizes
  4. Run for a SUPRS Season Championship
  5. New to SUPRS? Race for Rookie of the Year

Fast Family Plan

  1. $90.00 donation for 4
  2. $45.00 donation for 2
  3. Get the gang together and race each other online at the Gold Crest membership level.

Real World Racers

  2. Current and past real world supermodified racers
  3. All Access to everything SUPRS has to offer forever.
  4. All the perks of a Gold Crest membership

You can select one the preceding membership plans after completing the form found on our Join Page.

(New, Returning, and Current Members that want to race should use our Membership Join Page to make donations and keep membership up to date.)

Support by Donating Prizes and Awards-

We like to make our race winners and finishers feel like they are getting more than just a pat on the back. So when you donate an award or prize, we use that for a race you specify, or it goes into the general pool of awards to hand out.

We NEVER award cash prizes, and like to focus on racing or race themed awards. For instance for our Indyana Supermod Challenge, we award the overall champion a five pound bag of Indiana Popcorn, (because no matter what you’ve heard, corn is a pretty big thing in Indiana!), and for our Florida Speedweeks, we award a five pound bag of Florida Oranges to the overall Speedweeks Champion.

Support by Donating Racing Parts & Memorabilia-

If you are a race team owner, track promoter, or fan that has some stuff laying around, we’ll take it. Vintage is even better! Use our Contact page to let us know you’re interested and we’ll take you junk and turn into SUPRS Members treasure!

Do you have more questions? We’d love to help you find the answers!

Register for the website and visit our Forum for more information.

Or if you prefer to reach out for more information or to chat, please Contact Us

(New, Returning, and Current Members that want to race should use our Membership Join Page to make donations and keep membership up to date.)

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