Hard Fought Veterans Day Victory for Powell

Keith Powell Dedicates Win to Uncle on Veterans Day

November 8, 2016 – Treasure Lake, TN…Keith Powell calmly and quietly laid in wait for the early leaders to wear out their cars, then stormed into the lead and went on to win the Veterans Day Special for the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS),  at Levi Signature Speedway. Bob Gangwer and Rob Warren joined Powell on the podium at the end of the thrilling race that had eight lead changes among four drivers.

Keith Powell won his second feature of the year when he came across the finish line first at Levi Signature Speedway to claim the Veterans Day Special. Bob Gangwer and Rob Warren hung on for second and third. (Victory Lane screenshot by BreezeGraphics.com)

“I gotta catch my breath,” began the winner. “Great racing for everybody out there tonight, that top five was packed.”

Powell, after taking a moment to gather his thoughts continued, “I”m glad everybody made it in tonight and I want to thank SUPRS for doing this for the vets. I have an uncle that’s a vet and he just beat cancer. I want to dedicate this win to him. Also, thanks to Icings on top and CPR Motorsports too.”

Around all the excitement throughout the race, Powell ran in the top five all night long, conserving his supermodified sim racing roadster, and while he had plenty of car left at the end of the 75 lap run, his race was filled with heated battles in front of him.

 “I had a good long run car, and I wasn’t too excited” he stated. “There was some great racing out there and I was in fourth watching the top three, not pushing the car. I just hung around with the lead pack watching some awesome racing, that top five pack before that last caution that was really something else,” explained Powell

With his race strategy firmly laid out, Powell still found himself in the midst of a wheel to wheel and sometimes three-wide battle for the top three spots and was a little surprised when his teammate, Steve Callahan showed up on the radar behind him. 

“I think my teammate joined the party, so there was five us and I kinda got a little excited there because I told them we got a long run car, keep the car clean and see what happens,” Powell said.

 With the lap counter ticking down, Powell realized he was in a perfect place to go for the win.  “A mishap happened that took the leaders out and that put Bobby , (Gangwer), and me second. Bobby had a really good car, running real smooth,” he stated. “But then he tightened up after that last restart, especially from turn one and that’s where I could get the power down. I was able to slide under Bobby and I just set sail.” 

It was Powell’s second win of the season and helped him maintain the point lead in the SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship. 

Joe Achzet won the Fast Car Dash and Gangwer took home the heat race win.

Nelson Rodrigues of Stoneham, MA made his first SUPRS feature start, staying out of trouble and running a clean race, eventually retiring to the pits past the half-way point to finish in ninth overall.

SUPRS racers will be on the hunt for a win on November 15 at the 12th Annual Turkey Shoot 50. Memphis Motorsports Park is the hunting ground where the winner will receive a Burgers’ Smokehouse turkey delivered to their doorstep in time for Thanksgiving. A full format of Time Trials, Turkey Trot Dash, Heat Races and Feature gets rolling with Practice gets underway at 8:00pm, while racing starts at 9:00pm.

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Veterans Day Special

  • Race 8 of 42
  • November 8, 2016
  • SUPRS rFactor W v7.0 mod
  • Levi Signature Speedway

Time Trials (showing car number, driver name, hometown, sponsors, lap 1, lap 2-best lap underlined)

  1. 14-Joe Achzet; Yorkville, NY; Cottontail Designs, GraphX: 13.984, 14.010
  2. 35-Rob Warren; Pulaski, NY; 1st to Finish Race Servers, Designs of Elegance: 14.148, 14.278
  3. 41-Keith Powell; Carrollton, OH; Icings on Top, CPR Motorsports: 14.209, 14.504
  4. 38-Kyle Clark; Mexico, NY; Coors’ Light, Disturbed Motorsports: 14.379 14.834
  5. 25-Bob Gangwer; Goshen, IN; RW Woodworking, Wing Side Up Enterprises: 14.426, 14.694
  6. 15-Joey Callahan; Cuyahoga Falls, OH; Jack Daniels, CPR Motorsports: 14.464, 14.782
  7. 61-Derrick Backus; Mexico, NY; Disturbed Motorsports: 14.520, 14.997
  8. 9-Domenic Gioia; Oswego, NY; Pabst Blue Ribbon, Team Domination Motorsports: 14.623, 14.680
  9. 55-Steve Callahan; Cuyahoga Falls, OH; Exide Battery, CPR Motorsports: 14.738, 14.846
  10. 77-Kevin Timmins; Baldwinsville, NY; BreezeGraphics.com, Wesley Motorsports: 15.261, 15.281
  11. 7-Nelson Rodrigues; Stoneham, MA; None: 15.956, 16.229
  12. 42-Carl Becker; Lansing, MI; Wholesale Diamond Exchange, Michigan Hill Gang: 17.450, 17.531

Fast Four Dash-6 Laps (showing finish, car number, driver name)

  1.  14-Joe Achzet
  2. 35-Rob Warren
  3. 38-Kyle Clark
  4. 41-Keith Powell

Heat Race-10 Laps (showing finish, car number, driver name)

  1. 25-Bob Gangwer
  2. 61-Derrick Backus
  3. 55-Steve Callahan
  4. 15-Joey Callahan
  5. 7-Nelson Rodrigues
  6. 77-Kevin Timmins
  7. 42-Carl Becker
  8. 9-Domenic Gioia

Feature-75 Laps (showing car number, driver, name, bonus, starting position, fastest lap, distance behind winner)

  1.  41-Keith Powell: * | ! | P4 | 13.964 
  2. 25-Bob Gangwer; * | ** | P5 | 14.146 | +0.229
  3. 35-Rob Warren; * | P2 | 14.047 | +6.680
  4. 55-Steve Callahan; P7 | 14.216 | +11.041
  5. 14-Joe Achzet; * | ** | ! | P1 | 13.947 | +35.977
  6. 38-Kyle Clark: P3 | 14.307 | +1 Lap
  7. 9-Domenic Gioia: ^ | P11 | 14.489 | +1 Lap
  8. 15-Joey Callahan: P8 | 14.524 | DNF (Pulled off)
  9. 7-Nelson Rodrigues: P12 | 15.006 | DNF (Pulled off)
  10. 61-Derrick Backus: P6 | 14.539 | DNF (Suspension)
  11. 42-Carl Becker; P10 | 18.432 | DNF (Pulled off)
  12. 77-Kevin Timmins: P9 | – | DNF (Accident)

Time of Race:  29:05 .778

  • Denotes Lap Led
  • ** Denotes Most Laps Led
  • ! Denotes Fastest Lap of Race

John Davidson

Founder of SupermodifiedScoreCard.com SUPRS League Director

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