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To enjoy Live Track Telemetry  for our rFactor races via the SUPRS LiveRacers page, hover over “Active Servers” then click. The window will reload with telemetry and statistics for the current race. (NOTE-If you see “No Active Servers” remember we don’t start streaming until we are “Live @ 9” on most race nights).

Click the Results, Drivers, and Teams tabs for more info about every SUPRS #rFactor race and driver. If you aren’t seeing anything or the “connecting” icon is showing, give it a few seconds and then use your F5 key to refresh your browser.
If all else fails, visit

At the end of the night make sure you visit the SUPRS rFactor Results Page for a full rundown of the race.
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Your donation helps SUPRS help injured supermodified racers

You can be SUPRS Race Sponsor. All of our races shown here will have a special banner ad at the top of the page promoting the race. We also actively promote your business or cause throughout our website, press releases and all of our Social Media channels with great looking graphics and promotional posters by So why not have your business or service advertised to a unique and varied audience of sim racers and supermodified fans?

  • $1 a lap for races up to 50 laps in length
  • $2 per lap for races 51 laps in length or more
  • Special package deals available
  • Title or presenting sponsorship levels available for Marquee events

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You can also Register for the website. Then visit our Forumfor more information.

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