Quick Results-Sand, Jr. Grabs Groundhog Day Derby

Ray Sand, Jr. is First Two-Time Winner of Groundhog Day Derby

Steering clear of the chaos and holding Myles Maxon off at the line, Ray Sand, Jr. won the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series Groundhog Day Derby at Derry Raceway Park.

Because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and declared that would be six more weeks of winter, there were no time trials and a random feature line-up for the race. Sand, Jr. started in fifth place and quickly worked his way up to challenge pole-sitter Dave Brigandi for the lead.

Sand, Jr. took the lead and pulled away from the pack of online supermodified racers behind him. Myles Maxon eventually moved in to challenge Sand, Jr. for the win, but came up just shy at the finish. Steve Callahan crossed the line in third after 50 laps and was the last car on the lead lap.

Ray Sand, Jr. was awarded the SUPRSCharger bonus for advancing the most positions from his starting spot and goes into the SUPRS history book as the first two-time winner of the Groundhog Day Derby. Maxon and Callahan were the only other former winners competing in the 11th edition of this event.

The SUPRS racers now make their way south for five days of fun in the sun with the SUPRS Florida Speedweeks which kicks off on Monday February 9.

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Event:11th Annual Groundhog Day Derby

Track: Derry Raceway Park
Laps: 50

Position Car Driver Results Best Lap Laps Led
1. 18 Ray Sand, Jr.  10:34.694 12.477  48
2. 79 Myles Maxon  +0.064  12.430  0
3. 55 Steve Callahan  +6.701  12.537  0
4. 35 Rob Warren  +1  12.710 0
5. 25 Bob Gangwer  +1  12.555 0
6. 52 Dave Brigandi  +1  12.721 2
7. 15 Joey Callahan  +1  12.783 0
8. 42 Carl Becker  +2 12.716 0




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Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series co-founder. "Voice of the Supermodifieds" Owner Bob Gangwer's Wing Side Up on the World Wide Web http://www.wingsideup.wordpress.com Christian, father, cigar smoker, bourbon drinker & race fan.

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