Rob Warren Holds Off Myles Maxon for The Whistler 63 Win

Picks Up First Win of 2013 SUPRS Non-Wing Season in Wild Battle to Finish

Oswego, NY – August 6, 2013…After an incredible final 10 lap battle, Rob Warren was able to stave off the challenges of Myles Maxon to win the 8th Annual The Whistler 63 at Oswego Speedway in the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series(SUPRS).  Maxon, after throwing everything in his online racing book at Warren came home in second followed by Steve Callahan in third.

Rob Warren in Oswego Speedway Victory Lane after winning The Whistler 63

Rob Warren sits in Oswego Speedway Victory Lane after winning The Whistler 63 in SUPRS competition.

Myles Maxon battles Rob Warren for the lead as they approach Kyle Perry

Myles Maxon(79) works the outside of leader Rob Warren(35) as the duo approach the lapped car of Kyle Perry.

Warren led the most laps in the race but was challenged by Maxon after slowing down to avoid lapped traffic late in the race. “I knew the 79 was coming and when I saw him get by Chris I just tried to hit my marks. Then with 10 to go I came up on a lapped car so I slowed won to protect the bottom,” said Warren. “It was all he needed to reel me in and wasn’t going to give him the bottom so he went to the top side and let me tell you he had it hooked up out there and really, he had it won but backed out because I guess he thought it would wreck us both.”

For Maxon, it made the fifth time in 8 races that he’s finished second and he made a point of saying “I was really motivated tonight to get this one for Pete.” Maxon once again came from the back of the pack to challenge for the win but didn’t think he had the car to do it after seeing Warren check out early. “Honestly, I didn’t believe that I had the car to get to Rob after battling with Steve and Chris. Then with about 20 t0 go, I got by Steve when he pushed up and then Chris hit the hub rail and I got him,” he said.

“I just started to chip away at Rob’s lead and I could see a lapped car coming and I was hoping he would do what he did which is slow down to avoid the lapped car,” continued Maxon. “I know a lot of guys laugh at me when I try the outside in practice, but I figure it’s times like this that you may need to use the high groove.” And use the high groove he did, racing side by side to the outside of Warren for at least 5 laps, pulling out front just long enough to pick up a point for leading a lap. “I just have to say that Rob gave me all the room in the world up there and I have a lot of respect for him for that.”

Myles Maxon, Steve Callahan and Chris Meyers battle in SUPRS online sim racing game at Oswego Speedway

Hot action in turn 4 at Oswego Speedway with Myles Maxon(79), Steve Callahan(55) and Chris Meyers(23).

Steve Callahan lived up to his nickname of “Steady” finishing up on the podium after a wild battle with Maxon and Chris Meyers before the half way point. “I had a good start to

begin with and Rob, Chris  and I broke away for a while. Then Rob got Chris and took off,” said the driver from Cayuhoga Falls, OH. “I was right on Chris for a long time then all fo the sudden Myles was on my tail and about when I realized that the car was pushing worse coming off the corners.”

Moving past the half way point, the trio of Meyers, Callahan and Maxon became the show to watch. Callahan explained, “With Myles right there and Chris in front of me, we were really nose to tail, I just tried to stay clean then Chris scrubbed the rail and I had to check up. Myles just shot under me then got Chris and at the same time I was able to get by Chris.”

As the 2013 non-wing season winds to a close, the SUPRS competitors move to Jennerstown Speedway on August 13 for the Laurel Highlands Classic. Jennerstown is where the SUPRS non-wing mod first debuted some 9 years ago and the racers are looking forward to a quick run at the beautiful 1/2 mile.

Heat 1-8 Laps

  1. 23-Chris Meyers
  2. 9-Domenic Gioia
  3. 02-Kyle Perry
  4. 25-Bob Gangwer

Heat 2-8 Laps

  1. 79-Myles Maxon
  2. 35-Rob Warren
  3. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.
  4. 55-Steve Callahan

Feature-63 Laps

  1. 35-Rob Warren* **
  2. 79-Myles Maxon*
  3. 55-Steve Callahan
  4. 23-Chris Meyers*
  5. 25-Bob Gangwer
  6. 9-Domenic Gioia
  7. 02-Kyle Perry +1
  8. 18-Ray Sand, Jr. DNF

* Denotes Lap Led

** Denotes Most Laps Led


John Davidson

Founder of SUPRS League Director

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