Rocket Rob Survives Rocky Night at The Bullring

Sand, Jr. DQ’d late in Race, Rob Warren Claims President’s Day Special

Las Vegas, NV – February 16, 2016…In a night filled with attrition, but highlighted with close racing action, Rob Warren of Pulaski, NY crossed the finish line on fumes to win the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series,(SUPRS), President’s Day Special race at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Bob Gangwer was second and new SUPRS member Brian Potvin was third.


Rob Warren picked up SUPRS win number 35 at The Bullring.

“This was a tough race, it was fun but it was tough,” said the winner. Warren stated that he nearly ran out of fuel and said, “The most intense part was thinking I wasn’t going to make it on fuel especially when we had that long green flag  run for 30 laps or so,” said Warren. “At the end I came off four for a restart and the car just stepped out and I nearly lost it and Ray got by me easy there. I was running behind him and all the sudden he vanished. I don’t know what happened, I feel bad for him.”


Brian Potvin, and Josh Kerr started their very first SUPRS feature races and while Kerr was unavailable for comment after the race, Potvin stated, “I think SUPRS has a great format, they run a really smooth show and I really enjoyed running the SUPRS mod. I had a great time and everyone treated me really good for a new guy, it was refreshing.”

Dalton Martin returned to SUPRS and after a late start that left him with no practice time, he said “It’s good to be back, I’m a little rusty but thanks to everyone for helping me get rolling on short notice.”

The SUPRS racers will lick their wounds and move on to Madera Speedway for the re-scheduled Veteran’s Day Special make-up feature. The evening gets rolling with official practice at 8p. The feature will start at 9pm.

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  • February 16, 2016
  • President’s Day Special
  • rFactor SUPRS NW V1

The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor  Speedway

Time Trials (showing car number, driver name, hometown, sponsors, lap 1, lap 2-best lap underlined)

  1. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.; Rochester, NY;, RPM: 12.043, 12.036
  2. 35-Rob Warren; Pulaski, NY; 1st to Finish Docks & Hoists, Designs of Elegance: 12.290, 12.150
  3. 25-Bob Gangwer; Goshen, IN; Wing Side Up Enterprises, RW Woodworking: 12.314,  12.195
  4. 14-Joe Achzet; Yorkville, NY; GraphX: 12.259, 12.638
  5. 50-Brian Potvin; Hudson, FL: None: 12.572, 13.090
  6. 55-Steve Callahan; Cuyahoga Falls, OH; Ice Oil, CPR Motorsports: 12.848, 12.602
  7. 9-Domenic Gioia; Lizard Lick Towing, Genesee Beer: 13.231, 13.123
  8. 08-Josh Kerr; Whitesboro, NY; NT
  9. 32-Dalton Marin; Rochester, NY; None: NT
  10. 52-Dave Brigandi; Syracuse, NY; Buffalo Bio-Diesel, Terry: NT

Fast Car Dash – 6 Laps

  1. 35-Rob Warren
  2. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.
  3. 14-Joe Achzet
  4. 25-Bob Gangwer

Heat Race – 10 Laps (checkered at lap 3 for excessive cautions and over time limit)

  1. 50-Brian Potvin
  2. 55-Steve Callahan
  3. 08-Josh Kerr
  4. 9-Domenic Gioia
  5. 32-Dalton Martin

Feature – 75 Laps (showing car number, driver, name, bonus, fastest lap, distance behind winner)

  1. 35-Rob Warren; * ** | 12.075
  2. 25-Bob Gangwer; 12.242 | +1 Lap
  3. 50-Brian Potvin; 12.474 | +2 Laps
  4. 55-Steve Callahan; 12.544 | +3 Laps
  5. 14-Joe Achzet; 12.250 | DNF (spin rule)
  6. 32-Dalton Martin; 12.786 | DNF (spin rule)
  7. 08-Josh Kerr; 13.545 | DNF
  8. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.; * | !  | 12.014 | DNF
  9. 9-Dominic Gioia; DNS
  10. 52-Dave Brigandi; DNS

Time of Race:  36:58.871

  • Denotes Lap Led
  • ** Denotes Most Laps Led
  • ! Denotes Fastest Lap of Race

Bobby G.

Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series co-founder. "Voice of the Supermodifieds" Owner Bob Gangwer's Wing Side Up on the World Wide Web Christian, father, cigar smoker, bourbon drinker & race fan.

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      • 13th Annual Topless! 200 Driver Introductions and Pre-Race Festivities: 8:45
      • 13th Annual Topless! 200 GREEN FLAG: 9:00pm

      Guaranteed Starters for 13th Annual Topless! 200

      • Rob Warren-2017 Jim Shampine Memorial Champion
      • Domenic Gioia-2017 The Whistler-Pete Trenca Memorial Champion

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