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Point Standings

You’ll find all the current SUPRS supermodified sim racing Gold Crest Championship, Regional, and Swing Point standings for the current season on this page.

We encourage you to take a look at our History, Statistics and Points Archive pages to gain more insight on prior seasons of SUPRS.

SUPRS History, Points Archive, All-Time Gold Crest Stats, All-Time Silver Crest Stats


2017 SUPRS Gold Crest Division Non-Wing Supermodified Championship Point Standings

Table can be sorted by each column using the arrows to the right of each column header. Each column will then be highlighted. Simply click the "Total" arrow to return to default sorting. Rows are also highlighted as you hover over them to help readability. Use the handy search feature to quickly find your favorite SUPRS racer.
Updated after race 3 June 20, 2017 11385pm
PositionNumberDriverWinsTotalTo Leader/
135Rob Warren1283
241Keith Powell22758/8
325Bob Gangwer024835/27+1 green arrow up
49Domenic Gioia023251/16-1red arrow down
538Kyle Clark023053/2
655Steve Callahan019786/33+1 green arrow up
761Derrick Backus0156127/41-1red arrow down
877Kevin Timmins0128155/28+1 green arrow up
909Jeff Weber0124159/4+2 green arrow up
7Nelson Rodrigues0102181/22-2red arrow down
1210Gary Waldron093190/9+1 green arrow up
1342Carl Becker079204/14-2red arrow down
1352Dave Brigandi076201/3
1458Jamie Letcher032251/44

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2016-17 Empire State Super Series Point Standings

Showing points for the Empire State Super Series Regional Tour Championship.
Races include:

  • ESS Race 1 SUPRS Blind Date Night 50-1/17/17

  • ESS Race 2-3 Mid-Season Championship-Oswego Speedway 1/24/17

  • ESS Race 4 SUPRSNationals 50 - TBA

NOTE:Ties are broken by highest finish and number of highest finishes.
Updated: 01/25/2017 - 3:00pm
PositionCarDriver-StateWinsHighest FinishTotal
135Rob Warren-NY21390
214Joe Achzet-NY11325
355Steve Callahan-OH03310
438Kyle Clark-NY03305
59Domenic Gioia-NY02280
661Derrick Backus-NY04275
741Keith Powell-OH03250
825Bob Gangwer-IN05240
942Carl Becker-MI07175
1077Kevin Timmins-NY010100
117Nelson Rodrigues-MA0970
12XChad Phelps-NY0840
1352Dave Brigandi-NY01030

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