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Welcome to the SUPRS Track Records page. This page has tables for NASCAR Heat and rFactor, wing and non-wing sim racing supermodifieds. These are Official One Lap Time Trial Records.

To move quickly to a specific sections for each type of sim supermodified and/or platform, use the first table which contains hyper-links to the actual Track Record tables.

All tracks are listed alphabetically in each table. Showing track name, location of track,(fictional and/or real), size of track in miles, name of driver holding record, lap time, & date track record was set. Tables can be sorted by each column using ▲▼ and have the headers locked to make viewing easier.

We have done our very best to give credit to all the track builders for both platforms. If you see a track that is misrepresented PLEASE let us know. It is very important to us to give credit where credit is due and without the track builders we would never have been able to set these track records.

Wing Track Records Non-Wing Track Records
rFactor rFactor

SUPRS NASCAR Heat Wing Supermodified Track Records

One Lap Time Trial Records. Tracks are listed alphabetically. Showing track name, location of track,(fictional and/or real), size of track in miles, name of driver holding record, lap time, & date record was set.

84 Speedway*Norfolk, VA1/2Logan Stenson14.08811/11/2008
Ace SpeedwayAltamahaw, NC1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ace Speedway*Altamahaw, NC1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Akron Speedway*Akron, NY1/3Bud Flath11.22402/07/2007
Albion Speedway*Albion, NE1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
All-Star Speedway***Epping, NH1/4Keith Powell9.46503/03/2011
Andover Speedway*Andover, NY1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Avon Speedway*Avon, NY7/16Jesse Kennedy13.37005/06/2008
Baarlo Speedway*Baarlo, Holland7/16xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bergen SpeedwayBergen, NY1/3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Berlin RacewayMarne, MI7/16xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Black Creek Raceway****Enterprise, FL3/4Ray Sand, Jr.17.01602/10/2009
Black Creek Raceway*Enterprise, FL3/4Chris Lucas18.29402/15/2005
Bracket Hill Raceway*Bracket Hill, NH4/10Ray Sand, Jr.12.11912/17/2013
Bristol Motor SpeedwayBristol, TN1/2Myles Maxon12.75712/06/2008
Buckley Speedway*Buckley, CA3/8Ray Sand, Jr.11.89502/26/2008
Budville Speedway*Unknown3/8Ray Sand, Jr.11.17302/13/2008
Bugress Speedway*Bugress, TX1/3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Buffalo Speedway*Buffalo, NY4/10Ray Sand, Jr.12.89201/03/2012
Byron2 Speedway*Byron, NY7/16Myles Maxon10.56010/14/2014
Camden Speedway*Camden, NY1/4Ray Sand, Jr.11.66102/05/2008
Camp Creek RacewayLincolntown, NC4/10JR Radcliff12.52710/20/2009
Canada Speedway**Ontario, CAN4/10Ray Sand, Jr.13.33801/29/2008
Caraway Speedway****Asheboro, NC1/2Myles Maxon14.02711/05/2014
Caraway Speedway*Asheboro, NC1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cayuga Speedway****Nelles Corners, Ont. CAN5/8Ray Sand, Jr.16.28001/14/2009
Cayuga Speedway*Nelles Corners, Ont. CAN5/8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clover Valley Speedway*Clover Valley, NY1/4John Davidson10.69903/05/2013
Coastal Plains Raceway****Jacksonville, NC1/4Myles Maxon12.65911/14/2009
Coastal Plains Raceway*Jacksonville, NC1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Colorado National Speedway (Day)****Dacono, CO3/8Ray Sand, Jr.14.35904/15/2014
Colorado National Speedway(Night)****Dacono, CO3/8Steve Callahan14.38704/15/2014
Concord Motorsport Park****Concord, NC1/2Ray Sand, Jr.14.23011/13/2012
Concord Motorsport Park*Concord, NC1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dasera Speedway*Dasera, NC3/8Myles Maxon11.12603/12/2008
Decatur Speedway*Decatur, IL3/8Myles Maxon13.04210/21/2009
Derry Raceway Park****Derry, ME1/2Steve Callahan12.45902/02/2011
Derry Raceway Park*Derry, ME1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Diamond Raceway*Diamond, NY1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dover Downs Int'l SpeedwayDover, DE1Myles Maxon18.96703/17/2015
Elba Speedway*Elba, NY3/8Chris Meyers11.42101/01/2008
Elson Speedway*Elson, MI5/16John Davidson10.86305/18/2005
Flath Speedway*Flath, NJ1/3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ferstein Speedway*Ferstein, MT1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Featherlite Speedway***Unknown1/4Chuck Russell10.95801/24/2007
Garton Speedway*Garton, TX7/16xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Harrisburg Speedway*Harrisburg, PA1/2Ray Sand, Jr.14.91003/10/2009
Hickory Motor Speedway****Hickory, NC1/4Ray Sand, Jr.12.06603/14/2007
Indianapolis Raceway Park****Clermont, IN.686Myles Maxon18.28404/07/2010
Indianapolis Raceway Park*Clermont, IN.686Joey Payne, Jr.17.92305/10/2005
Lake Havasu Speedway*Lake Havasu, AZ7/16John Davidson13.16302/04/2008
LaPorte SpeedwayLaPorte, IN1/2Ray Sand, Jr.12.60410/11/2012
Linden Speedway*Linden, NY1/2Myles Maxon14.56401/20/2015
Lonesome Pine Speedway*Coeburn, VA3/8Bud Flath12.43712/07/2005
Lyons Speedway*Lyons, IA5/8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jennerstown Speedway****Jennerstown, PA.533Myles Maxon15.48803/11/2010
M40 SpeedwayJones, MI3/8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Madera Speedway***Madera, CA1/3Myles Maxon11.89204/23/2013
Mansfield Motorsports ParkMansfield, OH1/2Ray Sand, Jr.14.03510/29/2008
Marlboro Speedway*Marlboro, NY1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Martinsville SpeedwayMartinsville, VA.526Myles Maxon15.78203/24/2010
Mesa Marin SpeedwayBakersfield, CA1/2Myles Maxon14.06603/02/2015
Memphis Motorsports ParkMemphis, TN3/4Kris Heveron17.79511/20/2007
MT Bullring*Manchester, NY1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nebraska Speedway*Lincoln, NE1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Newberg Speedway*Newburg, KY3/8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New Hampshire Int'l SpeedwayLouden, NH1Ray Sand, Jr.23.99402/17/2009
New River Valley Speedway****Radford, VA.416Myles Maxon11.85811/11/2009
New Smyrna Speedway***New Smyrna, FL1/2Myles Maxon14.04202/11/2015
North Carolina Motor SpeedwayRockingham, NC1.017Chuck Russell20.53803/13/2007
North Texas Speedway*Houston, TX1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ocala SpeedwayOcala, FL3/8Jamie Hartley11.02402/27/2008
Orlando Speedworld***Orlando, FL3/8Ray Sand, Jr.11.58202/24/2014
Oswego Speedway***Oswego, NY5/8Myles Maxon15.75601/27/2015
Ovid Raceway Park*Ovid, NY5/16Ray Sand, Jr.9.84804/22/2008
Ozark Speedway*Ozark, MO9/16xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pantucky Speedway*Pantucky, PA3/8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Paradise Speedway*Paradise, FL5/8Chris Meyers16.64102/14/2006
Phoenix Int'l RacewayAvondale, AZ1Myles Maxon22.74403/03/2015
Quarter Raceway*Unknown1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rander Speedway*Rander, MI4/10Myles Maxon11.46110/14/2009
Rebel Raceway****Unknown1/2Ray Sand, Jr.14.26402/15/2008
Regal Speedway*Regal, MN7/16xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Richmond Int'l RacewayRichmond, VA3/4Myles Maxon17.81011/06/2007
RT 20 Speedway*Avon, NY1/4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
RT 93 Raceway*Slusser, PA1/2Myles Maxon13.20503/15/2011
Salem SpeedwaySalem, IN.555Myles Maxon13.83704/21/2015
Sandusky Speedway***Sandusky, OH1/2Ray Sand, Jr.14.23902/09/2011
Selinsgrove Speedway*Selinsgrove, PA1/2Ray Sand, Jr.13.85811/14/2007
South Carolina Speedway**Lehigh, SC1/3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Stafford Mountain Raceway*Stafford, NY7/16Ray Sand, Jr.12.81103/18/2009
Stafford Motor Speedway***Stafford, CT1/2Myles Maxon15.09504/08/2014
State Fair SpeedwayElson, MI1/2Sean O'Kane20.36812/14/2005
Sunrise RacewayPinellas Park, FL4/10Ray Sand, Jr.11.35502/11/2008
Twisted Metal Raceway**Bridge, NJ7/16Ray Sand, Jr.13.48504/08/2008
Twisted Metal Raceway** (dirt)Bridge, NJ7/16Myles Maxon14.92503/31/2015
Toledo SpeedwayToledo, OH1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tri-Park Speedway*Johnsonville, TN7/16Myles Maxon13.51611/18/2014
USA Int'l SpeedwayLakeland, FL3/4Myles Maxon19.39702/13/2015

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SUPRS NASCAR Heat Non-Wing Supermodified Track Records

Indianapolis Raceway Park****Clermont, IN.686Myles Maxon18.8097/15/2014
LaPorte SpeedwayLaPorte, IN1/2Myles Maxon12.9947/16/2014
Jennerstown Speedway****Jennerstown, PA.533Tom Heveron16.70507/31/2007
Oswego Speedway***Oswego, NY5/8Ray Sand, Jr.16.05608/20/2013
Phoenix Int'l RacewayAvondale, AZ1Ray Sand, Jr.22.98402/04/2014
Salem SpeedwaySalem, IN.555Ray Sand, Jr.14.14107/14/2014
Sandusky Speedway***Sandusky, OH1/2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KEY:*=DRT-Paved version of track, **=DRT-PST version of track, ***=Flash Track version of track, ****=Splashman version of track,*****=Raybee version of track.

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SUPRS rFactor Wing Supermodified Track Records

Official one lap Time Trial records. Tracks are listed alphabetically. Showing track name, location of track,(fictional and/or real), size of track in miles, track author, (builder), name of driver holding record, lap time, date record was set.
Note: All Configuration Data has been taken from 1992-2014 National Speedway Directory and Fictional tracks use Author's notes.
Bristol Motor SpeedwayBristol, TN.533 High-Banked Concrete OvalStock Car EvolutionSteve Callahan11.46411/29/2016
Concord Motorsports ParkConcord, NC1/2 High-Banked Asphalt Tri-OvalUKSOMJoe Achzet12.04711/3/2016
Dodge Raceway StadiumMaitland, FLSlightly-Banked Asphalt Stadium Oval (Fictional) Gator TracksNelson Rodrigues10.8542/9/2017
Kalamazoo SpeedwayKalamazoo, MI3/8 High-Banked Asphalt OvalGriffRob Warren9.63312/6/2016
Levi Signature SpeedwayTreasure Lake, TN.500 High-Banked Asphalt Tri-Oval (Fictional)Gator TracksJoe Achzet13.98411/8/2016
Madera SpeedwayMadera, CA1/3 Semi-Banked Asphalt OvalSUPRS/Flash Tracks
Memphis Motorsports ParkMemphis, TN3/4 Semi-Banked Asphalt OvalFMS/JNSTracks.netJoe Achzet17.30211/15/2016
Mopar SpeedwaySterling Heights, MI4/10 Parabolic Banked Asphalt OvalFreeWill67Rob Warren12.80312/13/2016
Mosport SpeedwayBowmanville, ONT, CAN1/2 Slightly-Banked Asphalt OvalSUPRS/Neg B Track DesignsRob warren15.7291/3/2017
Music City SpeedwayNashville, TN.596 High-Banked Asphalt OvalThePits.US
Oswego SpeedwayOswego, NY5/8 Semi-Banked Asphalt OvalSUPRS/Flash TracksJoe Achzet15.8811/24/2017
Phoenix International RacewayAvondale, AZ1 Slightly-Banked Asphalt Speedway OvalThePits.USRob Warren22.2002/15/2017
Red Ball RacewayCoyote Junction, KY.625 High-Banked Asphalt Oval (Fictional)Gator TracksSteve Callahan10.62810/25/2016
Southern National Raceway ParkKenly, NC4/10 High-Banked Asphalt OvalOSMLRob Warren10.78811/3/2016
Stafford Motor SpeedwayStafford Springs, CT1/2 Semi-Banked Asphalt OvalGator Tracks
Star SpeedwayEpping, NH1/4 Semi-Banked Asphalt OvalSUPRS/Neg B Track Designs
The BullringLas Vegas, NV3/8 Semi-Banked Asphalt OvalRunning From Nothing Developments
USA International SpeedwayLakeland, FL3/4 High-Banked Asphalt OvalSim Factory LLCJoe Achzet14.7072/10/2017

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SUPRS rFactor Non-Wing Supermodified Track Records

Official one lap Time Trial records. Tracks are listed alphabetically. Showing track name, location of track,(fictional and/or real), size of track in miles, track author, (builder), name of driver holding record, lap time, date record was set.
Bristol Motor SpeedwayBristol, TN1/2Stock Car EvolutionRay Sand, Jr.11.75312/01/2015
Madera SpeedwayMadera, CA1/3SUPRSRay Sand, Jr.12.14504/25/2016
Memphis Motorsports ParkMemphis, TN3/4FMS/JNSTracks.netRob Warren18.02811/17/2015
Mosport SpeedwayBowmanville, ONT, CAN1/2Neg B Track DesignsRay Sand, Jr.16.78503/15/2016
Music City SpeedwayNashville, TN1/2ThePits.USBob Gangwer14.34011/10/2015
Oswego SpeedwayOswego, NY5/8SUPRSChris Meyers16.37108/17/2015
Star SpeedwayEpping, NH1/4Neg B Track Designs/SUPRSKeith Powell11.32607/19/2016
Phoenix International RacewayAvondale, AZ1ThePits.USJoe Achzet22.22202/15/2017
The BullringLas Vegas, NV3/8Running From Nothing DevelopmentsRay Sand, Jr.12.03602/16/2016

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