Sand Crowned Mid-Season Champ, Gangwer, Gioia Win Features

Ray Sand, Jr. Narrowly Wins SUPRS Mid-Season Championship

Oswego, NY – January 26, 2016…Bob Gangwer and Domenic Gioia captured wins in the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), Mid-Season Championship Twin 35s but after an incredible night of close sim racing action, Ray Sand, Jr. barely squeaked out his fourth Mid-Season Championship Crown winning by just one point over Gioia.

Ray Sand Jr Mid-Season Champion screenshot

Ray Sand, Jr. won his fourth SUPRS Wing Mid-Season Championship by just one point over Domenic Gioia

In one of the closest Mid-Season Championship final points tallies in recent memory, Sand, Jr. was able to win by one point over Domenic Gioia by virtue of his fast qualifying time giving him that scant single point. First from third in the final Mid-Season Championship standings were separated by just three points.

In the first feature, Gangwer had his hands full for 35 laps as Sand, Jr. pressured the Goshen, IN driver the entire distance.

“I knew someone was there, but I didn’t know it was Ray and I’m glad I didn’t,” Gangwer exclaimed.

Gangwer started the race on the pole by virtue of winning the Fast Car Dash, but his starting place certainly wasn’t a guarantee of a win.

Bob Gangwer won the first of two features at the SUPRS Mid-Season Championship

Bob Gangwer held of Ray Sand, Jr. to win the first feature of the Mid-Season Championship at Oswego Speedway,

“That first race, the start was top-notch,” he began. “I knew it would be touch and go with Rob and we’ve done this so many times that it’s always a cat and mouse game, but then to run almost two laps side by side trying to keep from hitting each other, that was something else. I’m probably as happy about Dom winning the second show as I am about grabbing a win here. I always seem to either win here or have a real turd underneath me,” said the former two-time SUPRS Wing Gold Crest Mid-Season Champion.

Sand, Jr. was within 0.113 seconds of claiming another win at Oswego Speedway but it wasn’t to be and took second after trying every possible line to get by Gangwer but simply just not having enough speed to get by. Rob Warren hung on for third some distance back.

Domenic Gioia’s win in the second Twin 35 was a bit more relaxed as he handily won the race and surprised even himself.

“I kept waiting to hear a car, or see a wheel and I never did, then at the finish I looked and couldn’t believe I had won by that much,” Gioia described.

Domenic Gioia parks his sim racing supermodified in Oswego Speedway victory lane after winning the second feature of the Mid-Season Championship.

Domenic Gioia was ecstatic over his win in the second Twin 35 at SUPRS Mid-Season Championship Tuesday.

Gioia has struggled this year in the Lizard Lick Towing/Genesee Beer Wagon, but there was no doubt that if he could keep the car off the fence he’d be a threat to win. Setting second quick time was a start. “I had a good car tonight from the time I unloaded it and was happy with the time trial. I just screwed up in the first Twin when I got the wall. But in the second race, I got a great start on Dave, (Brigandi), and the car was just hooked up and I stayed clear of the fence,” said the likeable Gioia.

It was Gioia’s first Gold Crest Wing win at his home track of Oswego Speedway and he led the entire race from the drop of the green flag, winning by over nine and a half seconds and setting the fastest lap of the race.

Behind Gioia, it was anything but calm as second through fourth swapped positions and nerf bar paint with Rob Warren coming out on top in P2 with Ray Sand, Jr. passing Bob Gangwer in the last corner to finish third. Gangwer held on for fourth at the line.

Sand, Jr. was unavailable for comment after the race.


Rob Warren kept his championship hopes alive and although Sand, Jr. received the 10 bonus points for being crowned Mid-Season Champion, Warren said he was happy with how the evening went and had a good time racing. “When you can run like Bob, Ray, and I did in that second race, nose to tail and not banging on each other, it’s a blast. Hats off to Domenic, he…can you say DESTROYED us in the second race and congrats to Bob on the first win. I had a lot of fun tonight.”

Earlier in the evening Sand, Jr. set fast time and Bob Gangwer picked up the Fast Car Dash.

Sand, Jr. and Rob Warren picked up 10 SUPRSCharger bonus points each for advancing the most places from their starting spot.

The SUPRS racers move on to  Maine for the 12th Annual Groundhog Day Derby at Derry Raceway Park next Tuesday where practice begins at 8pm. The sim racers will be watching to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow to learn what the format for the night will be.

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SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Mid-Season Championship Points

  1. Ray Sand, Jr.-302
  2. Domenic Gioia-301
  3. Rob Warren-300
  4. Bob Gangwer-299
  5. Dave Brigandi-248


  • Event: Mid-Season Championship Race 1
    Empire State Super Series Race 2
    Date: January 26, 2016
    Track: Oswego Speedway
    Laps: 35x2

Time Trials (showing car number, driver name, hometown, sponsors, lap 1, lap 2-best lap underlined)

  1. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.; Rochester, NY; 15.839, 15.856
  2. 9-Domenic Gioia; Oswego, NY; Lizard Lick Towing, Genesee Beer: 15.865, 15.922
  3. 35-Rob Warren; Pulaski, NY; 1st to Finish Docks & Hoists, Designs of Elegance: 15.922, 15.886
  4. 25-Bob Gangwer; Goshen, IN; Wing Side Up Enterprises, RW Woodworking: 16.066, 15.965
  5. 52-Dave Brigandi; Syracuse, NY; Buffalo Bio-Diesel, Terry: 16.070, 16.084

Fast Car Dash-8 Laps (showing car number, driver name. finish dictates feature starting place)

  1. 25-Bob Gangwer
  2. 35-Rob Warren
  3. 52-Dave Brigandi
  4. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.
  5. 9-Domenic Gioia

Feature-1-35 Laps (showing car number, driver, name, bonus, fastest lap, distance behind winner)

  1. 25-Bob Gangwer; * |**| 15.853
  2. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.;  ! | ^  | 15.838 | +0.113
  3. 35-Rob Warren; *  | 15.877 | +3.953
  4. 9-Domenic Gioia; 15.888 | +5.405
  5. 52-Dave Brigandi; 16.192 | +15.907

Time of Race:  10:40.463

Feature-1-35 Laps (showing car number, driver, name, bonus, fastest lap, distance behind winner)

  1. 9-Domenic Gioia; * |**| ! | 15.868
  2. 35-Rob Warren; ^ | 16.081| +9.538
  3. 18-Ray Sand, Jr.; 15.918 | +9.697
  4. 25-Bob Gangwer; 15.881 | +9.811
  5. 52-Dave Brigandi; 16.237 | +1 Lap

Time of Race:  10:15.040

  • Denotes Lap Led
  • ** Denotes Most Laps Led
  • ! Denotes Fastest Lap of Race
  • ^ Denotes SUPRSCharger

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