SUPRS Resumes Racing with Wing Side Up Twin 25s

After Thanksgiving Break, SUPRS Racers Ready for Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway

November 27 – Goshen, IN…After taking time to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family, the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), will double the action and double the fun November 28 with Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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Two Classes, Plenty of Excitement

The racers strap into their wing supermodifieds for Time Trials and Heat Races for first Twin 25 lap feature. Then they hop into their non-wing supermodifieds, line up in a random start, and go hammer down for the second Twin 25 to see who is the best on the Bristol Banks.

This format also includes, the SUPRSCharger and SUPRSChallenge awards, making it one of the most scintillating supermodified sim races you can find!

Big, Bodacious Action LIVE

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Wing Side Up Twin 25s History

  • 2004-Gary Waldron
  • 2005-John Davidson/Bob Gangwer
  • 2006-Kris Heveron/Myles Maxon
  • 2007-Doug Heveron/Doug Heveron
  • 2008-Jamie Hartley/Myles Maxon
  • 2009-Keith Powell/John Davidson
  • 2010-John Davidson/Rob Warren
  • 2011-Chris Meyers/Domenic Gioia
  • 2012-John Davidson/John Davidson
  • 2013-Rob Warren/Bob Gangwer
  • 2014-Steve Callahan/Myles Maxon
  • 2015-Rob Warren/Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2016-Joe Achzet/Rob Warren

View Format for the 14th Annual Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway on the Schedule Page.


SUPRS Racers Take Aim at Bugers’ Smokehouse Prize at Turkey Shoot

Winner of SUPRS 13th Annual Turkey Shoot Gets Burgers’ Smokehouse Turkey

November 10, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), racers are ready to bring out the big guns as they go on the hunt for a Burgers’ Smokehouse turkey at the 13th Annual Turkey Shoot Tuesday, November 14 at Memphis Motorsports Park.

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This race is one of the most anticipated of the season because of the award for being the winner. The driver in victory lane after 40 laps receives a Burgers’ Smokehouse turkey, delivered to the doorstep in time to enjoy it with the family for Thanksgiving dinner. Many times in the races history though, the winner hasn’t had the pleasure of tasting that delicious bird, opting instead to donate it to others in need.

Turkey Shoot & Memphis

For the first three years of the Turkey Shoot it was held at the big 3/4 mile track and varied in length from 63-40 laps. John Davidson won the very first show in 2005 with Chris Meyers picking up one of his first SUPRS feature wins in 2006. Florida’s Kris Heveron was the winner in 2007 in a 17 car field.

After seven years at Tri-Park Speedway, (a fictional asphalt tri-oval in Tennessee), the race returned to its roots on the Mississippi River in 2015. In that race, Ray Sand, Jr. became the All-Time Turkey Shoot winner when he bagged his third Burgers’ Smokehouse turkey and donated it to fellow SUPRS racer Myles Maxon who had recently lost his grandmother. The race itself went green to checkered after an aborted start.

Last year, in another fast show, Joe Achzet ran away from the field to win the race that had just two cautions and took just over 14 minutes to run.

Warren, Becker Take Shot at Second

This year marks the sixth time the supermodifieds have visited Memphis and 2012 winner, Rob Warren, could join Ray Sand, Jr. and Dave Biro III in the multi-time winner club. If he does, it will make four SUPRS feature wins in a row and put him just one win away from having a bounty put on his head for the second time in three years. Carl Becker also has a shot at being a two-time Turkey Shoot winner with his first coming in 2014 at Tri-Park.

Set Your Alarms

Practice for the SUPRS 13th Annual Turkey Shoot at Memphis Motorsports Park begins at 8:15pm on November 14, 2017. The Fast 4 qualifiers take the first racing green flag of the night at 9:00pm in the six lap Turkey Trot. A Heat Race and the thrilling 40 lap feature on the big 3/4 mile Memphis macadam follows.

Fly with the Turkeys

Supermodified and sim racing fans and friends can hang out just like a flock of turkeys while enjoying SUPRS Live! Featuring timing, scoring, track telemetry and streaming video, it’s the perfect page on the web to catch all of  action from the 13th Annual Turkey Shoot. To keep up with your favorite SUPRS racer in an instant just aim your browser to

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SUPRS Turkey Shoot History

  • 2016-Joe Achzet (Memphis Motorsports Park-rFactor wing)
  • 2015-Ray Sand, Jr. (Memphis Motorsports Park-rFactor non-wing)
  • 2014-Carl Becker (Tri-Park Speedway-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2013-Joey Callahan (Tri-Park Speedway-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2012-Rob Warren (Tri-Park Speedway-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2011-Dave Biro III (Tri-Park Speedway-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2010-Dave Biro III (Tri-Park Speedway-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2009-Ray Sand, Jr. (Tri-Park Speedway-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2008-Ray Sand, Jr. (Tri-Park Speedway-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2007-Kris Heveron (Memphis Motorsports Park-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2006-Chris Meyers (Memphis Motorsports Park-NASCAR Heat)
  • 2005-John Davidson (Memphis Motorsports Park-NASCAR Heat)


SUPRS – “Supermodified Sim Racing for the Right Reasons” since 2004


SUPRS Race Honors United States Veterans

October 31, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), will honor the men and women who have served in the United States Military with the running of the 2017 Veterans Day Special on November 7, 2017.

SUPRS Veterans Day 2017 Poster

Love your freedom? Thank a United States Veteran today!

The race takes place, for the second year in a row, at Levi Strauss Signature Speedway. This picturesque fictional rFactor track built by Gator is a challenging half-mile, high-banked tri-oval configuration. The Great Smokey Mountain National Park as a backdrop will do little to comfort the SUPRS racers as they fly around a track that is very abrasive, has very little straight away, and leaves little room for error as they always seem to be turning.

Powell Knows the Secret

Last year’s winner Keith Powell, when asked about how to keep a tire from shredding off the car in a 75 lap feature said, “I don’t think there’s much you can do, it’s just the track and because we are always working the rear tires so hard here, it’s probably just something we’re going to have to deal with.”

Powell dealt with the same issues in 2016. “I had a good long run car, and I wasn’t too excited” he stated after the race. “There was some great racing out there and I was in fourth watching the top three, not pushing the car. I just hung around with the lead pack watching some awesome racing, that top five pack before that last caution that was really something else,” explained Powell.

Follow the Action

Supermodified and sim racing fans alike can view timing and scoring including track telemetry of the Veterans Day Special with SUPRS LIVE! To keep up with your favorite SUPRS racer in an instant just point your browser to This exciting page features live streaming video from the track as well as some of the drivers.

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The Soldier

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier, not the lawyer,
Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag,
Who serves under the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag.

-Charles M. Province

Learn More About Veterans Day

SUPRS Veterans Day Special History:

  • 2016 Veterans Day Special Winner-Keith Powell (Levi Strauss Signature Speedway-rF-Wing)
  • 2015 Veterans Day Special Winner-Ray Sand, Jr. (Madera Speedway-rF-Non-Wing)
  • 2014 Veterans Day Special Winner-Rob Warren (Memphis International Speedway-NH-Wing)
  • 2013 Veterans Day Special Winner-Carl Becker/Ray Sand, Jr. ( Double Header-Salem Speedway-NH-Wing/Non-Wing)
  • 2012 No Race
  • 2011 Veterans Day Special Winner-Dave Biro III (New River Valley Speedway-NH-Wing)
  • 2010 Veterans Day Special Winner-John Davidson (New River Valley Speedway-NH-Wing)
  • 2009 Veterans Day Special Winner-Steve Callahan (New River Valley Speedway-NH-Wing)
  • 2008 Veterans Day Special Winner-John Davidson (New River Valley Speedway-NH-Wing)

Black Kat Klassic Moves to Myrtle Beach

October 22, 2017 – Goshen, IN… After a successful week of racing in North Carolina, the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), is moving a little further south for The Black Kat Klassic on October 24 at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

SUPRS 2017 Black Kat Klassic poster

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Different Venue-Same Thrills Expected

After many years at Decatur Speedway in Illinois, the race moved to Red Ball Raceway in Kentucky last year. Now, for the second time in as many years, the SUPRS racers will find themselves faced with the challenges of another new venue in Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Early test sessions show that this race track should prove to be just as unpredictable and nerve-wracking as Red Ball was last year. The track has several pronounced bumps that act to upset the high-powered supermodifieds, yet there are also many good passing zones on the half-mile in Myrtle Beach.

Powell on the Prowl

Defending Black Kat Klassic winner Keith Powell, who sits third in SUPRS Gold Crest Division Wing Supermodified Championship points , hopes to join Ray Sand, Jr., Myles Maxon, John Davidson and Carl Becker, as a multi-time Black Kat Klassic winner. Powell is also on the prowl for his first feature win of the season, having finished in the top three just twice so far in six races.

2006 winner Steve Callahan, and 2015 victor Rob Warren, are also on the list of potential multi-time Black Kat Klassic winners. Callahan led a good part of the recent Hickory Hustle only to be blocked out of victory lane and a second North Carolina Swing Championship by winner Rob Warren.

More Details

The brave SUPRS daredevils take on The Black Kat Klassic October 24, 2017 at the 1/2 mile Myrtle Beach Speedway. Practice starts at 8:15pm. Time Trials follow at 8:45pm and hair-raising racing gets under way with a special Crack the Whip race for the Elite 8 qualifiers at 9:00pm.

Follow the Action with SUPRS LIVE!

Follow all the spine-tingling, high-speed thrills of supermodified sim racing at The Black Kat Klassic via the  SUPRS LIVE! Timing and Scoring page which shows instantaneous position changes, lap times, penalties, race status, track telemetry, and multiple live stream camera views.

Keep track of the standings by looking for the scrolling ticker throughout the site. The SUPRS rFactor Results page keeps everyone informed if they miss the live action. It shows every race of the season in complete detail as soon as the checkered flag falls.

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SUPRS – “Supermodified Sim Racing for the Right Reasons” since 2004

Black Kat Klassic Winners:

  • 2016-Keith Powell
  • 2015-Rob Warren
  • 2014-Myles Maxon
  • 2013-Carl Becker
  • 2012-John Davidson
  • 2011-Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2010-Carl Becker
  • 2009-John Davidson
  • 2008-Myles Maxon
  • 2007-Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2006-Steve Callahan
  • 2005-No Race
  • 2004-No Race


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