SUPRS Headed Back Home Again for Indyana Supermod Challenge

Goshen, IN – April 17, 2015…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), will visit the Hoosier State for a two race extravaganza of online simulated supermodified racing next week to close the 2015-16 Indyana Supermod Challenge series.

SUPRS Indyana Supermod Challenge poster

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Indianapolis Raceway Park will be the scene of the action for the last night of the three race series that started with the Harvest of Speed Season Opener at LaPorte Speedway this past October. The SUPRS racers will run two 50 lap supermodified sim racing features and one driver will leave the Hoosier State as champion of the Indyana Supermod Challenge.

The online supermodified racers will have their work cut out for them with 100 total feature laps to be run using wing and non-wing supermodifieds at two distinctly different versions of the track and two different sim racing platforms.

While the first race of the night will feel very familiar because it will use the SUPRS WV6 mod for NASCAR Heat, this year, the second 50 lap feature will break new ground.

To further test of the sim racers skills, the non-wing supermodified feature is a rFactor race using the SUPRS NWV1 mod on the “O’Reilly Raceway Park” version of the Claremont, Indiana oval.

When it comes to winning at IRP, Ray Sand, Jr. and Myles Maxon hold the distinction of being nearly unstoppable, whether it be in wing or non-wing supermodified competition. Of the 20 SUPRS races contested so far at IRP the two have won half of them. Sand, Jr. has three non-wing wins and two wing supermodified victories, while Maxon has four wing wins and two non-wing checkered.

John Davidson and Bob Gangwer are the only other drivers to come remotely close to that with Gangwer having three total victories and Davidson two. Randy Ritskes, Gary Waldron, Joey Payne, and Devin Gee each have one win at this historic 5/8ths mile track.

With all the marks in the win column at Indianapolis Race Park, it should come as no surprise that Maxon and Sand, Jr. also have the most Indyana Supermod Challenge Championship.

Maxon has won the Challenge an incredible six times with Sand, Jr. being the next closest having captured it three years in a row from 2011-2014. Bob Gangwer and Randy Ritskes are the only other drivers to have won the overall Challenge.

While Sand, Jr. is the current Indyana Supermod Challenge series point leader, “Steady” Steve Callahan, who’s on a two-race win streak, is just five points back. 2004-05 ISC Champion Bob Gangwer in third 10 points out of first.

The overall Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion will be awarded 10 SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship points and receive a five-pound bag of  award-winning Yoder’s Indiana popcorn.

Even more bonus points are on the line with drivers having a shot at the SUPRS DoubleDown  of 25 bonus markers if they can win both features, the SUPRSCharger which awards 10 extra points in each race to the driver that advances the most positions from his starting spot and the SUPRSChallenge hands over 20 bonus points if a driver wins either feature from the last starting place.

With only three weeks left in the 2015-16 SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship schedule, there’s no slowing down for the competitors that are looking to gain those last few points as they head into the “Circle City” for the Indyana Supermod Challenge.

The SUPRS rFactor Race Server will open at 7:00pm with Official Practice for the non-wing supermodifieds running for an hour between 7:15 and 8:00pm. The wing supermodifieds for NASCAR Heat will then take over and will hot lap from 8:15pm to 8:30.

Time Trials for the wing supermodifieds follow at 8:40pm with heat races for the wing supermodifieds set to start at 8:50pm. At about 9:15pm a final warmup for the non-wing supermodifieds take to the track for ten minutes with the non-wing feature scheduled to start at 9:25pm.

Supermodified and online sim racing fans and friends can enjoy the action and view timing and scoring of every SUPRS rFactor race in an instant, including the non-wing practice and feature of the 12th Annual Indyana Supermod Challenge via the SUPRS LIVE! page.

You can learn more about this race on the SUPRS schedule page.  Regular season updates as well as real supermodified and sim racing news are popular features on the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series Facebook page and @SUPRSOnline.

Current Track Record:

Indianapolis Raceway Park: Myles Maxon-18.284 sec.; Set:04/07/10 (wing supermodified) Indianapolis Raceway Park: Myles Maxon – 18.809 sec; Set-07/15/14 (non-wing supermodified)

Defending Race Winner: WING:Myles Maxon – Non-WING: Myles Maxon

Defending Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Myles Maxon

Indyana Supermod Challenge History

  • 2004-05 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Bob Gangwer
  • 2005-06 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Randy Ritskes
  • 2006-07 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Myles Maxon
  • 2007-08 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Myles Maxon
  • 2008-09 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Myles Maxon
  • 2009-10 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Myles Maxon
  • 2010-11 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Myles Maxon
  • 2011-12 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2012-13 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2013-14 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2014-15 Indyana Supermod Challenge Champion: Myles Maxon

Race Night Times and Schedule of Events-

  • SUPRS rFactor Race Server open for installation test: 7:00-7:15pm
  • Hot laps-7:15-8:15pm non-wing supermodified practice.
  • Hot laps-8:15-8:30pm wing supermodifieds
  • Drivers Meeting-8:30pm
  • Time Trials-8:40pm-wing supermodifieds
  • Heats-8:50pm-wing supermodifieds
  • Feature-9:00pm wing supermodifieds
  • Warmup-9:15pm non-wing supermodifieds
  • Feature-9:25pm non-wing supermodifieds



SUPRS Hurrying to Hoosier State

Indyana Supermodified Challenge graphic

Goshen, IN – April 17, 2015…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), will visit the Hoosier State for a two night extravaganza of online simulated supermodified racing next week to close the 2015 Indyana Supermod Challenge series. With only two weeks left in the 2014-15 SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship …

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Quick Results: Kyle Perry Wins First Feature, Gangwer Takes LaPorte

Ray Sand, Jr. Wins Indiana Supermod Week After Three Standing on Podium All Three Races

Perry staves off challenges of veterans to take first Gold Crest Feature win ever leading most laps at IRP. Bob Gangwer outlasts Myles Maxon to score LaPorte

Kyle Perry in SUPRS victory lane at IRP

Kyle Perry out drove the more experienced SUPRS racers at IRP to bag his first feature win.

SUPRS RACE RESULTS Indiana Supermod Week Race 2 Track: Indianapolis Raceway Park Laps:   50 Pos  Car  Driver             Result             Best Lap Laps Led =========================================== 1  02  Kyle Perry           17:38.659          18.925  50 2   25  Bob Gangwer       +0.157             18.940   0 3   18  Ray Sand, Jr.        +1.846            18.866    0 4   35  Rob Warren          +7.949            19.059   0 5   52  Dave Brigandi       +18.371          19.255   0 6   42  Carl Becker           +1L               19.193   0 7   55  Steve Callahan      +1L               19.184   0 8   79  Myles Maxon        +1L               19.144   0 9   77  Kevin Timmins      +1L              19.211    0

Bob Gangwer in LaPorte victory lane for SUPRS

Bob Gangwer grabbed the LaPorte Speedway victory to finish out Indiana Supermod Week

SUPRS RACE RESULTS Indiana Supermod Week Race 3 Track: LaPorte Speedway Laps:   75 Pos  Car  Driver             Result             Best Lap Laps Led ================================================================= 1   25  Bob Gangwer          18:00.267     12.951  64 2   79  Myles Maxon         +0.218           12.800   0 3   18  Ray Sand, Jr.          +6.882           12.944   0 4   55  Steve Callahan       +8.403           13.021   0 5   35  Rob Warren            +8.705           13.058  11 6   42  Carl Becker             +1L                13.164   0 7  202  Kyle Perry             +2L                13.064   0 8   77  Kevin Timmins       +3L                13.182   0 9   52  Dave Brigandi        DNF                13.153   0

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  • SUPRS Topless! 200 lap sponsorship 2017 slide
  • Countdown to Excitement

    13th Annual Topless! 200August 24th, 2017
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  • >>>13th Annual<<< SUPRS >>>Topless! 200<<<
    Oswego Speedway
    ***Schedule of Events***
    Friday 08/18/2017 12am –
    Sunday 08/20/2017 7pm
    Sunday 08/20/2017
    SUPRS RACE SERVER OPEN 7pm-11:59pm
    Topless! 200SUPRSNationals ESS Test-n-Tune
    Full 200 lap sim non-wing supermodifieds to test server settings, allow drivers to test fuel load, tire wear.

    • 7:00pm Practice non-wing supermodifieds
    • 7:15pm Drivers Meeting
    • 7:30pm TT NW supermodifieds
    • 7:45pm 200 lap sim
    • 9:00pm open track practice for wing supermodifieds

    Monday 08/21/2017
    SUPRS Test-N-Tune SERVER OPEN 8am-6pm
    Race 13-Finale’ 45

    • 8:00pm-Systems Checks
    • 8:30pm-Hot Laps
    • 8:45pm-Drivers Meeting
    • 9:00pm-Racing
    • 10:30pm-SUPRS Race Server Close

    Tuesday 08/22/2017
    SUPRS Test-N-Tune SERVER OPEN 8am-6pm
    SUPRSNationals ESS 50

    • 7:30pm-SUPRS Race Server Open
    • 8:00pm-Systems Checks
    • 8:15pm-Hot Laps
    • 8:30pm-Drivers Meeting
    • 8:45pm-Time Trials
    • 9:00pm-Racing
    • 10:30pm-SUPRS Race Server Closed

    Wednesday 08/23/2017
    13th Annual Topless! 200 Time Trials

    • 7:30pm-Systems Checks
    • 7:45-8:45pm-Hot Laps (alternating groups all non-wing cars)
    • 8:45pm-Drivers Meeting
    • 9:00pm-Time Trials

    Top two qualifiers locked into 13th Annual Topless! 200 Time Trials

    Tuesday 08/16/2016
    13th Annual Topless! 200
    Qualifying Heats
    B-Main(if needed)
    Main Event

      • Systems Check: 6:45pm-7:00pm
      • Official Practice: 7:00pm-7:15pm-Qualified Cars(10 Laps)
      • Official Practice: 7:15pm-7:30pm-Non-Qualified Cars(10 Laps)
      • Official Practice: 7:30pm-7:45pm-All Cars(Open Pit)
      • Drivers Meeting: 7:45pm-8:00pm
      • SUPRS Live! Stream: 8:00pm
      • Qualifying Heat Races for 13th Annual Topless! 200: 8:00pm 12 Lap
      • 25 Lap B-Main (if needed): 8:15pm
      • Final Warmups Green Track: 8:30pm-8:40pm
      • 13th Annual Topless! 200 Driver Introductions and Pre-Race Festivities: 8:45
      • 13th Annual Topless! 200 GREEN FLAG: 9:00pm

      Guaranteed Starters for 13th Annual Topless! 200

      • Rob Warren-2017 Jim Shampine Memorial Champion
      • Domenic Gioia-2017 The Whistler-Pete Trenca Memorial Champion

      Follow the 13th Annual SUPRS Topless! 200 action all week long with the SUPRS LIVE Ticker

      (NOTE: You must have Flash activated. This feature available only when the SUPRS Race Server is online.)