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2010 Rising Star to Indiana Resident Jeff Weber

suprs race results featured image

Weber Breaks into SUPRS Victory Lane with Rising Star Win August 28, 2010 – Oswego, NY…Jeff Weber became a first time Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), winner when he crossed the finish line first in the 2010 edition of The Rising Star race at Oswego Speedway. Weber, who is …

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Mighty Myles Maxon Wins 2010 Summit Classic 125

Myles Maxon Seals 2009-10 Gold Crest Winged Championship 2010 Summit Classic 125 Cayuga Speedway Time Trials Myles Maxon 79    16.352 Ray Sand Jr 18   16.361 Steve Callahan 55   16.363 Jeff Weber 2   16.450 Ed Riley 80   16.452 Carl Becker 42   16.470 Keith Powell 58   16.484 John Davidson 5   16.487 Danny …

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SUPRS-Man John Davidson Wins Terry Gibson Memorial

SUPRS Weekly cover for Terry Gibson Memorial showing John Davidson and Jamie Hartley

January 20, 2010 – Sandusky, OH…“SUPRS-Man” John Davidson made his way back into the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), victory lane in a big way when he won the 2nd Annual Terry Gibson Memorial 100. Davidson said, “There’s nothing easy about winning this race, but as a native Buckeye …

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    Our Real Supermodified Racing YouTube Playlist contains over 350 videos featuring wing, non-wing, 360/350 small-block, and vintage supermodified videos! If you've never seen, or heard a real supermodified, this is a good place to learn more about "The Ultimate Short Track Race Car" and understand why we love them and support them!
  • Jeff Russell was injured in 2010 in a supermodified race
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