SUPRS Bounty Adds to Warren’s Worries at Mid-Season Championship

Mid-Season Championship at Oswego Speedway Tuesday, SUPRS Bounty on Rob Warren

January 20, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), will run its Mid-Season Championship for the Gold Crest Wing Championship XIII on Tuesday January 27, 2017 and double points, multiple bonuses, and a SUPRS Bounty on the current point leader leader Rob Warren’s head, could lead to a big shake-up in the point standings.

SUPRS 2017 Mid-Season Championship poster

SUPRS depends on to get the word out with awesome posters like this.

The SUPRS Mid-Season Championship has plenty of racing in store for the supermodified sim racers and every time they hit the track they will have a chance to gain valuable points that add up toward the overall Mid-Season Championship.

Points from Time Trials, Heat Races, and double points for the Twin 35 lap features all add up and whoever has the best tally will be crowned SUPRS Mid-Season Champion and grab the 10 bonus points that go with the title.

Learn About the SUPRS Points System

Extra bonus points are up for grabs as well. The SUPRSCharger pays 10 points to the driver that advances the most places from his starting spot and the SUPRS Challenge awards a 10 point bonus to any driver that can win the feature from the last starting place.

While the focus will certainly be on winning the Mid-Season Championship, the racers will also be looking for a big points score in the ongoing Empire State Super Series Regional Tour of which this event is part of. Just last week Rob Warren won the opening round of the ESS season at Akron International Speedway.

Wanted: Rob Warren – A.K.A “Rocket”

With five feature wins in a row dating back to December 13, 2016, Rob Warren has become a wanted man. He is now one of a select few SUPRS drivers that has had to run from the bounty hunters.

The first driver to beat Warren will collect the SUPRS Bounty and will “take” ten points from Warren’s SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship total.

If Warren can keep the streak alive, he will get five championship points added to his total for the night and the bounty will increase by five points up to a total of 25 points for the bounty hunters.

“Rocket” Rob Warren is never one to shy away from a battle and with his history at Oswego Speedway, the bounty hunters will have their work cut out for them.

As a former SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Mid-Season Champion,(2011-12), the Pulaski, NY driver also has a big edge over all other current competitors when it comes to sitting in victory lane at Oswego Speedway.

Even though Warren has plenty of major victories in both wing and non-wing online supermodified races, (including the 2016 Topless! 200), and has 141 points on his nearest contender in the points battle, Keith Powell, when asked recently if he was nervous about losing the points to a bounty hunter he said, “And now a bounty. Nervous? Yeah, I’m wicked nervous.”

If Warren does win the Mid-Season Championship for the winged supermodifieds, he would become the fifth driver in SUPRS history to claim more than one and would join John Davidson, Myles Maxon, Bob Gangwer, and Ray Sand, Jr. who is the all-time Mid-Season Championship winner with four wing and two non-wing and is the defending Mid-Season champ.

Keep an Eye on the Action

It’s not just the middle of the season, but with all of these extra points on the line, it’s a make or break moment for many of the drivers in the points chase and you can be a part of all the drama and intrigue via SUPRS LIVE! on race night.  Keep up with your favorite SUPRS racer in an instant by visiting

SUPRS 13th winged supermodified sim racing season continues with the Mid-Season Championship Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at Oswego Speedway.

Systems checks begin at 7:00pm, with Practice starting at 8:00pm. Time Trials are at 8:30pm followed by Racing at 9:00pm.

Don’t Just Sit in the Bleachers

Want to become a supermodified sim racing bounty hunter? Learn more about the original online supermodified sim racing sanction and real supermodified racing, when they visit You can be a part of SUPRS active and vibrant Social Media channels by  “Liking” SUPRS on Facebook, Circling SUPRS on Google+Following @SUPRSOnline on Twitter, and viewing SUPRS videos on YouTube.

Winged Supermodified Mid-Season Champions-

  • 2004-05 Wing Mid-Season Champion: John Davidson
  • 2005-06 Wing Mid-Season Champion: John Davidson
  • 2006-07 Wing Mid-Season Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2007-08 Wing Mid-Season Champion: Myles Maxon
  • 2008-09 Wing Mid-Season Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2009-10 Wing Mid-Season Champion: Myles Maxon
  • 2010-11  Wing Mid-Season Champion: Chris Meyers
  • 2011-12  Wing Mid-Season Champion: Rob Warren
  • 2012-13  Wing Mid-Season Champion: Bob Gangwer
  • 2013-14 Wing Mid-Season Champion: Bob Gangwer
  • 2014-15 Wing Mid-Season Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2015-16 Wing Mid-Season Champion:Ray Sand, Jr.



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Blind Date Night Kicks off Empire State Super Series

2016-17 Empire State Super Series Tour Blind Date Night Supermodified Sim Race This Week

January 15, 2017 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), Empire State Super Series Regional Tour begins on Tuesday January 17 with Blind Date Night.

SUPRS 2017 ESS Blind Date Night Poster

We’ve never met an event poster we didn’t like when sets up the blind date!

The Empire State Super Series, (ESS), is composed of anywhere between three to six races and run over the course of one year and two SUPRS Gold Crest Seasons. The tour includes only those tracks that are in the state of New York.

The SUPRS Blind Date Night has been a tradition since the very start of the sanction when it ran four races in one night on New Year’s Eve known as the New Year’s Eve 4-n-1 Bash.

After the SUPRS Members decided they’d rather spend time with their family and friends on NYE, the tradition of drawing one out of a potential three tracks continued on for the ESS Tour.

Now with SUPRS running rFactor and NASCAR Heat, a new option opened up where the race could be run using either sim racing platform! 

Rob Warren, who has run very well in his home state of NY in the past, is on a string of four wins in a row and is just coming from a huge win at the 9th Annual Terry Gibson Memorial 100.

If he wins this week, a SUPRS Bounty will be placed on the current point leader’s head where some of those championship points could be lost to the driver the ends his winning streak. With Keith Powell and Joe Achzet chomping at his rear tires in the SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Championship XIII, you can bet he won’t slow down, so keep an eye on the driver of the #35 First to Finish Race Servers ride.

Powell and Achzet have been swapping second and third place in the standings back and forth at nearly every race, yet it’s uncertain how they will fair on Blind Date Night.

ESS Format

Both have completely different styles of driving with Powell being the smooth, calm and calculating racer, while Joe “The Rabbit” Achzet lives up to his nickname every time he’s on the track and is always hammer down from the drop of the green flag.

In addition, neither has competed regularly on ANY of the ESS tracks that could be drawn, or has run many NASCAR Heat races in the last five years, so they may be struggling to keep their championship hopes alive.

2013-14 Empire State Super Series Champion Steve Callahan has just one win this season, but usually starts to pick up momentum around this part of the season. if his fourth place run at the Terry Gibson Memorial last week is any indication he may be on target to pick up his second checkered flag of the season.

Callahan is joined by defending ESS Champion Bob Gangwer as the only other former champion expected to compete. Both are in the top five in points and always run well in New York.

Practice gets under way at 8:00pm with Time Trials at 8:30pm and Racing at 9:00pm.

Fun for Fans

Fans can learn more about the original and oldest online supermodified sim sanction, the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, when they visit Join SUPRS active and vibrant Social Media channels by  “Liking” SUPRS on Facebook, Circling SUPRS on Google+, Following @SUPRSOnline on Twitter, and viewing SUPRS videos on YouTube.

Empire State Super Series Champion-Wing:

  • 2005-06 Empire State Super Series Champion: Sean Gibbs-ONT
  • 2006-07 Empire State Super Series Champion: Myles Maxon-NY
  • 2007-08 Empire State Super Series Champion: John Davidson-NY
  • 2008-09 Empire State Super Series Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.-NY
  • 2009-10 Empire State Super Series Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.-NY
  • 2010-11 Empire State Super Series Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.-NY
  • 2011-12 Empire State Super Series Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.-NY
  • 2012-13 Empire State Super Series Champion: Ray Sand, Jr.-NY
  • 2013-14 Empire State Super Series Champion: Steve Callahan-OH
  • 2015-16 Empire State Super Series Champion: Bob Gangwer-IN

Visit the SUPRS Points Archives Page to see final standings of ESS Championship through the years


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