Supermodified Sim Racing Schedule for 2016-17 Revealed

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13th SUPRS Online Supermodified Sim Racing Schedule Starts October 18 September 27, 2016 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), has finalized their 2016-17 Gold Crest Wing Supermodified Sim Racing schedule, and drivers will make their way through 16 states and Canada for a 42 race season. Expecting the release of SUPRS …

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SUPRS Heroes Unite for 2016 Mr. Online Supermodified

Mr. Online Supermodified Sim Racing Event is Battle Royale

Goshen, IN – July 30, 2016…The Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), 9th Mr. Online Supermodified sim race will see all the SUPRS heroes in a battle royale at Oswego Speedway to decide which deserves to be named Mr. Online Supermodified on August 2, 2016.

2016 SUPRS Mr Online Supermodified poster

Have no fear, is here for your promotional needs.

To win the coveted 9th Annual Mr. Online Supermodified Cup sponsored by 1st to Finish Race Servers, a driver will need to be able to leap past their fellow SUPRS racers as fast as speeding bullet and use all their “super powers” throughout the  event using their non-wing rFactor supermodifieds as their weapon.

Points will be kept for time trials, heat races, and the 75 lap feature race to decide who will be the 9th Annual Mr. Online Supermodified.

Mr. Online Supermodified History

Kris Heveron of Jensen Beach, FL won the first two Mr. Online Supermodified races and at that time in 2008 and 2009, they were 100 lap affairs with a 25 lap shootout.

Last year, current SUPRS Gold Crest Non-Wing Champion “Rocket” Rob Warren became Mr. Online Supermodified for the second time in his career, his first win came in 2011, and with three wins already this season becoming the first three-time winner of the race will help him fend off the challengers he’s faced lately that threaten to throw him off the SUPRS Championship throne.

Another former Mr. Online Supermodified, Keith Powell, (2010 winner), has battled his way into the SUPRS point lead and has become Warren’s Kryptonite and closest challenger in the Championship. “Put One on Ya” Powell is confident he can continue his charge and recently stated, “These longer races really play into my hands because I can take care of my tires and the car.”

Powell’s teammate “Steady” Steve Callahan has never been Mr. Online Supermodified, but will use this event to try to power his way back to the top after being knocked to third in the standings just one race ago.

Bob Gangwer is the only driver other than Heveron to win the race back to back, doing so in 2012 and 2013. Vilified by some, considered a dictator by others, and misunderstood by most, Gangwer is looking for the elixir that will give him extreme boost for a run into victory lane. A recent secret acquisition of a rebuilt G27 could be the potent potion that puts “Bobby G.” on top.

In 2014, Ray Sand, Jr., battled “Mighty” Myles Maxon to claim his first Mr. Online Supermodified but has not been as strong as of late. Could the “The Sandman” stop his downward slide and return to his former glory and rightful place of Mr. Online Supermodified this year?

With a host of other SUPRSHeroes like “The X Man”, “The Cobra”, “Attaboy”, “The Dominator”, “D-Rock”, and “The Breeze”, this race could be one of epic proportions!

Supermodified and online sim racing fans looking for some “POW”, “BANG”, and “SHAZAAM” can view timing and scoring of every SUPRS race this season with SUPRS LIVE! Featuring on-track telemetry, you’ll be able to keep up with your favorite SUPRSHero in an instant by going to

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Mr. Online Supermodified History – Non Wing – Oswego Speedway

  • 2008 Mr. Online Supermodified: Kris Heveron
  • 2009 Mr. Online Supermodified: Kris Heveron
  • 2010 Mr. Online Supermodified: Keith Powell
  • 2011 Mr. Online Supermodified: Rob Warren
  • 2012 Mr. Online Supermodified: Bobby Gangwer
  • 2013 Mr. Online Supermodified: Bobby Gangwer
  • 2014 Mr. Online Supermodified: Ray Sand, Jr.
  • 2015 Mr. Online Supermodified: Rob Warren


Supermodified Sim Racing for the Right Reasons

Independence Day Celebration Rolls on with SUPRS Races

Independence Day Twins Keeps Celebration Going for Extra Day

July 1, 2016 – Goshen, IN…The Supermodified Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), will celebrate America’s Birthday party one extra day with the running of the Independence Day Twin 35s on July 5 at Oswego Speedway.

SUPRS 2016 Independence Day Twins poster makes it easy for SUPRS celebrate freedom and supermodified sim racing.

The Independence Day Twins event is the oldest on the SUPRS Gold Crest Non-Wing Championship calendar and returns after year hiatus. This year’s show also makes for the second week in a row that the SUPRS competitors will be running the double feature format.

The very first points race for the SUPRS Gold Crest Non-Wing Supermodified Championship came on July 6, 2005 with the running of the Independence Day Twin 25s at Jennerstown Speedway. Californian John Davidson and Canadian Sean Gibbs won those races.

Since then, the event has been held at Jennerstown Speedway two other times. Beginning in 2008 the race moved to the newly designed Oswego Speedway and has been held there since except for 2011 when it ran at Bristol Motor Speedway and 2012 and 2015 when the event was not held.

While the format has changed from Twin 25 lap features the first year to Twin 40s and even Twin 45 lappers, since 2010 the supermodified sim racers have battled each other in Twin 35 lap contests. However, this year will be the first time the Independence Day Twins will use the rFactor platform. All previous renditions have used NASCAR Heat.

In the history of the race, no driver has more wins than 2-time Gold Crest Non-Wing Champion Kris Heveron. Heveron won at least one of the Twin features starting in 2006. He then swept the 2007 event which featured twin 45 lap races,  and won the second feature in 2008 for an impressive three-year run of four total wins. Heveron remains the only driver in SUPRS history to sweep the two features. No driver has ever had a perfect night of winning his heat and both features.

Other winners include Gary Waldron (2006), Dave Soja (2008), Devin Gee and Dave Biro III (2009), Steve Callahan and Domenic Gioia (2010), Dave Biro III and Dave Soja (2011), and Domenic Gioia and Steve Callahan again in 2013, and Myles Maxon and Chris Meyers in 2014.

After a year off, the Independence Day Twin 35s return to Oswego Speedway on July 5 and will again feature a unique and interesting format based on the points won handicap system. As has been the long-standing tradition of the Independence Day Twins, a SUPRSCharger award and SUPRSChallenge bonus award available for each 35 lap feature.

This event has always been an important one for the SUPRS racers because of the points available and with just 33 points separating the top four in the Championship standings, fans can bet that this edition will be no different.

Current Gold Crest Non-Wing Supermodified Champion Rob Warren has won two races this year and for two weeks in a row was on his way to standing on the top spot again when disaster struck. Crashing in two out of three features run, he has taken a huge hit in the points and dropped to third overall.

The big mover up the points ladder was Steve Callahan. Callahan won the second

Steve Callahan and Myles Maxon at Oswego Speeway

Steve Callahan held off a hard charging Myles Maxon in the second Twin 35 at Oswego Speedway in 2013.

Mid-Season Championship Twin 35 last week which helped him claim the overall Mid-Season Championship and the ten bonus points that go with it, catapulting him three places from fourth overall to the top of the heap and P1. Callahan has done well in the past having won a feature in 2010, 2013.

Callahan’s teammate, Keith Powell, is yet to claim a feature win, but with two third places finishes last week, has positioned himself in second overall in the Gold Crest Non-Wing Championship and sits just eight points behind his CPR Motorsports partner, Callahan.

Fourth place in points is Bob Gangwer. Like Powell, he hasn’t won a feature, but has finished second in half of the races run and until last week, was in the top three in points.

Three time Gold Crest Non-Wing Champion Ray Sand, Jr., after winning a feature for the second week in a row last Tuesday, has finally cracked the top five in the point standings after several DNF earlier in the season. His constant struggle with an aging gaming rig leaves many unknowns surrounding his chances of having a good run this week.

Supermodified and sim racing fans can view timing and scoring of the SUPRS Non-Wing Mid-Season Championship and every SUPRS rFactor race this season with SUPRS LIVE! You’ll be able to keep up with your favorite SUPRS racer in an instant by going to

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SUPRS Independence Day Twins History:

Date Track Format Race 1 Winner Race 2 Winner
7/6/2005 Jennerstown Speedway Twin 25s John Davidson Sean Gibbs
7/5/2006 Jennerstown Speedway Twin 40s Kris Heveron Gary Waldron
7/3/2005 Jennerstown Speedway Twin 45s Kris Heveron Kris Heveron
6/25/2008 Oswego Speedway Twin 30s Dave Soja Kris Heveron
7/1/2009 Oswego Speedway Twin 30s Devin Gee Dave Biro III
7/7/2010 Oswego Speedway Twin 35s Domenic Gioia Steve Calllahan
 7/5/2011 Bristol Motor Speedway Twin 35s  Dave Biro III  Dave Soja
 2012 No Race
7/2/2013 Oswego Speedway Twin 35s Domenic Gioia Steve Callahan
7/3/2014 Oswego Speedway Twin 35s Chris Meyers Myles Maxon
2015 No Race


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