Quick Results: Warren, Sand, Jr. Each Take a Twin

SUPRS Wing Side Up Twin 25s poster by Breeze Graphics

Bristol, TN – December 1, 2015…Rob Warren and Ray Sand, Jr. kept their lock on the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), victory lane and kept their early season points battle going when they each picked up a win Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway. Warren and Sand, …

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Wing Side Up Twins Because Two are Better Than One

Goshen, IN – November 29, 2015…The Wing Side Up Twin 25s sim for the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), has always been a race filled with nail-biting, high-bank riding action and this year is likely to be no different.

SUPRS Wing Side Up Twin 25s poster by Breeze Graphics

What’s better than a set of twins? An event poster by BreezeGraphics.com!

For the 12th year Bob Gangwer’s Wing Side Up on the World Wide Web will sponsor the night of sim supermodified action and as on several occasions in the past, non-wing supermodifieds will be on the card. The only difference is, this year, BOTH of the 25 lap features will be contested without the wings and the drivers will use the SUPRS rFactor NW V1 mod.

“When we first started SUPRS, there was no Winchester, Salem, Toledo, or Dayton Speedway’s so the closest thing to those tracks where I grew up watching supermodifieds at was Bristol,” said Gangwer who is also the SUPRS co-founder.
“So, with this being one of the original NASCAR Heat tracks, we thought it would be a blast to run two quick sprints here and it’s turned out pretty good every year since.”

The two-race event quickly became a favorite of SUPRS racers as they test their nerves and skill while turning sub-11 second laps in a short 25 lap feature that leaves no time for preserving equipment.

Featuring the SUPRS Double Down, SUPRSChallenge, and SUPRSCharger bonuses is just one part of the wild Wing Side Up raciness. For the Double Down, a driver can double his feature finish points if he can win both features. With the SUPRSChallenge, the driver that starts last in each feature can claim 20 bonus points if he can make it to the front to win. The SUPRSCharger award is good for 10 bonus points to the driver that advances the most places from his feature starting spot.

While all of those may seem somewhat easy, the Double Down has only been claimed twice and the SUPRSChallenge has never been claimed at this event. Doug Heveron and John Davidson are the only drivers to have won both features on the same night. Heveron doing it in 2007 and Davidson in 2012.

Adding to the challenge of racing at Bristol, the first race includes time trials and heat to set the feature starting field while the second feature is a complete inversion of the first feature’s finish.

The SUPRS racers are ready to double the action and double the fun on the big banks of Bristol Motor Speedway this Tuesday December 1, 2015. Official practice starts at 8pm with the Driver’s Meeting at 8:15pm. The drivers will take to the track for Time Trials at 8:30 and the racing is set to go begin at 9pm.

Supermodified and online sim racing fans and friends can savor the action and view timing and scoring of every SUPRS rFactor race in an instant, including the 12th Annual Wing Side Up Twin 25s via the SUPRS LIVE! page.

You can learn more about this race on the SUPRS schedule page.  Regular season updates as well as real supermodified and sim racing news are popular features on the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series Facebook page and @SUPRSOnline.

Wing Side Up Twin 25s History

(W=wing supermodified, NW=non-wing supermodified)

  • 2014-Steve Callahan(W)/Myles Maxon(W)
  • 2013-Rob Warren(W)/Bob Gangwer(W)
  • 2012-John Davidson(W)/John Davidson(W)
  • 2011-Chris Meyers(W)/Domenic Gioia(NW)
  • 2010-John Davidson/Rob Warren
  • 2009-Keith Powell(W)/John Davidson(NW)
  • 2008-Jamie Hartley/Myles Maxon
  • 2007-Doug Heveron/Doug Heveron
  • 2006-Kris Heveron/Myles Maxon
  • 2005-John Davidson/Bob Gangwer
  • 2004-Gary Waldron

Quick Results: Callahan, Maxon Win Twins

Steve Callahan Wins First Wing Side Up Twin at Bristol, Myles Maxon Brings Home Second Twin

Steve Callahan had always been close but had never before won a wing supermodified race at Bristol Motor Speedway. He changed that statistic Monday night when he lead all 25 laps of the first feature of the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series Wing Side Up Twin 25s. Myles Maxon became a 3-time winner at Bristol when he passed Bob Gangwer with seven laps to go in the second 25 lap feature and went on to win.

“I got lucky with the draw but it wasn’t easy holding off Myles and Bob at this place, I’m real happy to finally bring one of these races home,” said Callahan.

Maxon pressured Callahan for the full 25 laps with Gangwer close in tow. The top three were rarely separated by more than the width of a nerf bar in the race that took just 5 minutes to complete. The podium ended up the way it started with Callahan, Maxon, and Gangwer finishing in that order.

In the second race of the night which featured a random start, Bob Gangwer took off from the pole position and worked to hold off Myles Maxon but succumbed to the wily ways of the point leader on lap 18 when he slipped up the track just enough to allow Maxon to go by.

“I wasn’t sure really if I had anything for Bob, I was probably faster, but he was running a perfect line and he just made that one slip and it was at the right place where I could get under him,” stated Maxon.

Gangwer held onto second at the line, while Rob Warren charged from sixth to third and received the SUPRSCharger bonus for most positions advanced.

SUPRS will be back in action on December 9, 2014 with the 11th Annual Dion Parish Memorial held at Rander Raceway where they will honor the memory of the late Dion Parish, a Michigan native that lost his life in a supermodified practice session at Kalamazoo Speedway in 2002. Practice begins at 8:00pm, Time Trials are at 8:45pm and Racing gets underway at 9:00pm.


Event: Wing Side Up Twin 25s
Track: Bristol Motor Speedway
Laps: 25×2

Position Car Driver Results Best Lap Laps Led
1. 55 Steve Callahan n/a n/a 25
2. 79 Myles Maxon n/a n/a 0
3. 25 Bob Gangwer n/a n/a 0
4. 35 Rob Warren n/a n/a 0
5. 9 Domenic Gioia n/a n/a 0
6. 52 Dave Brigandi n/a n/a 0
1. 79 Myles Maxon 5:22.311 12.762 7
2. 25 Bob Gangwer +0.539 12.797 18
3. 35 Rob Warren +1.355 12.843 0
4. 55 Steve Callahan +1.752 12.803 0
5. 9 Domenic Gioia +2.078 12.787 0
6. 52 Dave Brigandi +13.123 13.100 0


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